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You’re My Greatest Miracle Ever” – IK Osakioduwa Writes Lovely Birthday Message To His Wife


Presenter and On Air Personality, Ik Osakioduwa’s wife, Olohije is a year older today and he wrote her a lovely birthday message… a quite romantic one actually, as he calls her his “greatest miracle”.

The couple have been married since 2008. He wrote:

Several years ago today, God dusted his hands, looked back at this Ora princess he had created and said to Himself “Kia! I’m too much”. The angels looked at Him and said “Lord you gave her A lovely heart, an amazing mind, a great personality and dangerously good looks. You are not only ‘too much’, you are actually partial”. God and the angels agreed that the mold from which she was made must be broken. There couldn’t be 2 of the spec. Then in a phenomenal act of grace and kindness God decided then that she would marry someone undeserving. And average joe. Why? Just because he could. And for that day I will FOREVER be grateful. Happy Birthday baby. You are my greatest miracle ever. I love you


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