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Zahra, Buhari’s daughter ‘breaks the internet’: Photos and Online Reactions

Zahra Buhari became the talk of social media platforms on Tuesday as photos of her were unveiled. We bring you some of the hilarious reactions that greeted the unveiling of her photos.

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 Zahra Buhari and sister

Move over Kim Kardashian, Buhari’s daughter broke the Internet on the evening of Tuesday, January 13 and she didn’t have to pose nude for any magazine.

Photos of Zahra Buhari, one of the daughters of General Muhammadu Buhari hit the Internet earlier today, Tuesday, January 13 and Twitter erupted as users identified her handle and started tweeting at her.

She immediately became the talk of Twitter and emerged the top trend in Nigerian Twitter.

Below are some of the hilarious reactions to her photos.

Some of the bizarre conversations are below:


“January 13, 2015 Buhari gon islamize the country but Zahra will be on the news everyday ba? Kaji kwo. Sharia isn’t that bad tho we go manage. — k’obi (@Mhagayr)”

“January 13, 2015 Dear Zahra I can even change my surname to Buhari just to show you how much I love you already. — lordFT (@femiTRIPP)”

“So if Buhari wins and becomes President, does this 5th daughter of hs move here, to Abuja too? APC nd to communicate thr plans more clearly! — I am Baga (@AUsman03) January 13, 2015″

“5th daughter. Smart move. Now we’re interested. Olivia Pope might just be Buhari’s campaign manager. — James Ndubuisi (@JamesNdu) January 13, 2015″

“I’m voting for Buhari because of his daughter. Idc Idc. — Uche Odoh (@KingUcheOdoh) January 13, 2015″

However, there is no proof that these would garnish supporters for the APC front-man during the elections, yet it has unintentionally served as an awareness strategy, and the Party members would most certainly smack their lips in delight for an unexpected post- New Year gift.


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