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10 Amazing Trips Every Nigerian Should Take In 2015

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Nigeria is filled with fun activities that are now routines. The happiest moment in our lives is when we are free from doing our routines. Hence, the best thing to do is to travel, visit and explore places we have never been, experience different cultures, smell and have a taste of delicious foreign foods.

Richard Burton once said; “One of the gladdest moments of human life, methinks, is the departure upon a distant journey into unknown lands. Shaking off with one mighty effort the fetters of habit, the leaden weight of routine, the cloak of many cares and the slavery of home, man feels once more happy.”

Why not make the best out of 2015? Be happy, pack your bags and head to one of these destinations. They are notorious for unique architecture, amazing attractions, delicious cuisine, fashion and art, beautiful landscapes and they have a great number of World Heritage sites. Here is a list of 10 amazing trips every Nigerian should take in 2015:

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1. Dubai, UAE

Dubai - Flickr photo by Sarah_Ackerman

Photo Source: Sarah_Ackerman on Flickr

Dubai has become the most popular travel destination for Nigerians, but we cannot ignore it. The destination is home to some of the world’s most beautiful attractions, with endless adventure and expeditions. If you are longing for excitement, entertainment and adventure this New Year, see and enjoy the best ski slopes, world’s tallest buildings, man-made islands, Dhow cruise, desert safari and amazing nightlife. One of the happening places is Dubai and you will definitely enjoy yourself.

2. Amsterdam, Netherlands

Amsterdam - Flickr photo by Bert Kaufmann

Photo Source: Bert Kaufmann on Flickr

Amsterdam is one of the coolest holiday hotspots in the world and it should be on your bucket list in 2015. The city is a mixture of old and new – to give you a travel experience like no other. The city hosts a thriving cultural scene with about 100 festivals this New Year. Amsterdam is home to a variety of exciting places to visit such as historical monuments, renowned museums, parks and gardens. If you are a night owl, you will surely love it in Amsterdam. There a many trendy clubs, bars and pubs where you can get the best kick of the night scene and party like there is no tomorrow.

3. Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town -

Cape Town is an exciting destination to visit. With a mix of breathtaking landscapes and adventure the city offers, you will be amazed at how delightful it is to seek unusual experience.  When it comes to partying, entertainment and nightlife, the energy and calm vibes of the city comes to life on Long Street, at the city centre. Cape Town has a rich diversity of art and music. The city has a vibrant food scene, from seafood to continental dishes. For water sports and adventure, there are all kinds of exciting activities that make your visit unforgettable.

4. Zanzibar, Tanzania

The Rock Restaurant, Zanzibar Flickr Photo by Rod Waddington

Photo Source: Rod Waddington on Flickr

Zanzibar, known as Spice Island is a tropical destination in East Africa. With a blend of fragrant scents of spices and warm tropical air, the island defines a place of tranquility, your dream place to relax and forget all worries. The island offers about 25 glittering white sanding beaches with many beach and water activities that make the destination more exciting. It is steeped and rich in history and culture. The locals are very friendly. If you love seafood, one of the best places to get delicious seafood in Zanzibari style is at the Night Market. Zanzibar is a shopping paradise; there are lots of souvenirs to buy.

5. Paris, France

Paris - Flickr photo by Antonio Ponte

Photo Source: Antonio Ponte on Flickr

See Paris, fall in love and live happily ever after. Paris is known to be one of the most romantic cities in the world. If your love life is nothing to write about or you want to rekindle your love life with your significant other, the best destination to visit is Paris. Take a night walk with your significant order along the enchanting Seine, share a kiss or two with your spouse in front of monuments or in the parks and gardens, enjoy an evening out at a cabaret with dinner by the fireplace or go on a cruise ride. If you have loved up and there is no turning back, you could go on your kneel and propose to the woman or man of your dreams. ( Come back home for the wedding, we have to buy aso-ebi ).

6. Miami, United States

Miami - Flickr Photo by Timothy Valentine

Photo Source: Timothy Valentine on Flickr

Miami is a city full of excitement and voyaging. The city has so much to offer, from beautiful beaches to warm weather. If you love partying, the city has many nightclubs, pubs and beach bars where you can mingle with locals, drink and dance till day break. Apart from partying, Miami is has amazing cultural highlights and attractions. For art lovers, the famous Vizcaya museum exhibitions include art paintings from renowned artists. The city is a vibrant destination, plunged with the drive of Caribbean waves.

7.  Istanbul, Turkey

Istanbul - Flickr Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Photo Source: Dennis Jarvis on Flickr

Istanbul, the largest city in Turkey is considered the main centre for history, culture and architecture. The city is captivating, even with its broad history and culture, it blends easily with the contemporary ethnic and social diversity of the people. The city offers a lot of commercial, cultural and tourist attractions. It is an interesting, frantic and vibrant lively city, with boundless array of entertainment activities.

8. Mombasa, Kenya

Pinewood Beach Resort, Mombasa - Flickr Photo by John Hickey-Fry

Photo Source: John Hickey-Fry on Flickr

We cannot deny the fact that Mombasa is one of the most beautiful places in Africa. The city is known for various beautiful landscapes, stunning beaches and resorts, impressive wildlife and perfect weather. The tropical city is not only beautiful; there are also a lot of different things to do there – exciting activities, water sport, relaxation options, fine dining and romantic adventure. Thousands of tourists come to Mombasa every year and in 2015, you should include it in your bucket list. A holiday in Mombasa can change someone’s life forever.

9. Barcelona, Spain

Barcelona - Flickr Photo by MorBCN

Photo Source: MorBCN on Flickr

Barcelona has always been a tourist haven with historical spectacles, magnificent architecture and a lively cultural life. The city offers exciting activities such as festivals, beach parties and other form of entertainment. If you love football, Barcelona has one of the best football team and you can watch a beautiful game during your visit. Enjoy a tour of the city, discover assorted dining experiences and indulge in the energetic nightlife.

10. Cairo, Egypt

Cairo - Flickr Photo by Dennis Jarvis

Photo Source: Dennis Jarvis on Flickr

Cairo is the charming capital city of Egypt. It has become a favourite destination among tourists and vacationers. The city is home to several ancient landmarks that will always fascinate tourists. People who love history and architecture visit the city to experience what they have heard, read or been taught. However, Cairo offers more than historical wonders, there are a lot of leisure places, bars, pubs and night club where you can get entertained. One of the most exciting activities in the city is to go on a dinner cruise ride on Nile at night; and enjoy the magical beauty of the river and other activities in the cruise.

What are your travel plans for 2015? Share with us in the comment below:

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