10 Businesses You Can Start With N100,000 in Nigeria

1. Charging Of Phones:

The truth is that, in any part of Nigeria, the electricity supply is unstable, and erratic as well as, poor.  In this computer era, many people will want to get in touch with others through their cell phones.

And because the power supply in the country is poor and the cost of buying petrol is very high, the people of Nigeria, owing to their  immediate need to make sure that they charge or power their cell phones, will pay a vendor to charge their own cell phones for them, of which the phone charging vendors usually have fixed rate.

2. Selling Of Phone Accessories:

Selling of phone accessories is one such business that you can invest N100,000, phone accessories such as, phone casings, and earpieces, and screen guards, including other such phone accessories.

This business is lucrative and profitable, and the reason is that the market for these products is readily available.

3. Restaurant Business:

In many urban centers, people such as, workers, and students and even the residents will have the need to want to eat meals that are sold by other people for many reasons, take, for instance, people have the need of satisfying a craving for some kind of food which they consider not easy to prepare.

4. Producing And Selling Juice:

There is a high demand for fruit juice, and the reason is that its organic content is high, and it is one profitable business that you can invest a low-capital say, N100,000. In urban areas, the demand for juice is considered higher because, in town, fresh fruits are not available.

5. Production Of Soap:

Everywhere, there are tutorials that you can lay your hand on, readily available for making of soap. The demand for this business is said to be high because there is every assurance that hygienic activities will always take place like, washing of plates, cloths, floors, walls, etc. Customers of this product are everywhere.

6. Retailing Of Food Stuff:

Why not begin with a bag of rice, and beans and also garri. Just find a store and start retailing these goods, sell in cups.

A cup of rice can go at 100 Naira, and it is about 250 cups in a bag of 50 kg. You will realize a minimum of 25,000 Naira after selling in cups. One bag of rice goes for N16,500, and your profit margin will be about N8,500 per bag.

7. Retailing Palm Oil:

It is a known fact that the price of palm oil usually fluctuates, and it is seasonal, you can then buy palm oil when the oil is cheaper in the market, it can be in gallons of 50 litres, while you can also retail them in smaller quantities.

8. Investing In Barbeque Business:

The nightlife is said to be quite active in some cities in the country, and in such cities, barbeque meat like beef, and chicken, and goat meat and also pork meat usually sold in quantities and is profitable, especially on local grills.

9. Breeding Of Dogs:

People bred dogs for different purposes, like for meat, and as pets or for security purposes in the country. Just start with at least, 3 female puppies and that can cost about 20,000 naira, and In less than one year, if you feed them properly and care, they will be matured formate.

10. Breeding Of Pigs:

The demand for pork is said to be high in recent times in Nigeria, for example, in the southern part of the country. Because of the protein content, the demand for pork meat as food is also very high.

A sow, according to report can lay up to 8 piglets in one time, they are known to be very fertile. One young female piglet goes for 50,000 naira.


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