10 Cancer Symptoms Women Are Ignoring

cancer patient

Prevention is better than cure. Awareness regarding cancer and its preventive strategies is low in India. Screening for cancer results in disease diagnosis at an early stage resulting in better treatment.

How can women reduce their risk of cancer?
Although pap smears and mammograms are important in screening of cervical and breast cancer, but these alone are not answers for protection against all types of cancers. Smoking, radiation exposure, alcohol and chronic infections are the factors known to increase the risk of cancer. Factors that may affect the risk of the disease are diet and obesity.

Here’s a list of some cancer symptoms, which are overlooked by women. If there is a frequent recurrence of these warning symptoms, then it’s time for you to schedule a visit with your doctor.

1. Unexplained weight loss, loss of appetite or weakness or fatigue.
2. Any oral ulcer that refuses to heal
3. Difficulty in swallowing.
4. Swollen neck nodes, nodes in underarms or any other abnormal swellings in the body.
5. Any lump in breast, nipple discharge.
6. Long standing cough with blood.
7. Bloating, rectal bleeding.
8. Unusually heavy menstrual bleeding or inter-menstrual bleeding.
9. Any abnormal per vaginum discharge or post-coital bleeding.
10. Any blood in urine or faeces.


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