10 Foods Nigerians Can’t Do Without In A Day

akara and pap

We love food! Everyone does! But here in Naija, there are some delicacies and food combo, an average Nigerian can kill for….LOL! INFORMATION NIGERIA hereby bring you 5 Nigrian food delicacies we cant do without eating. We trust y’all gonna have some of these foods tonight. …enjoy!

1. Yam and egg (with option of tea)




2. Bread and beans (especially ewa agonyin)2016-10-10-18-37-53-589810279

3. Garri and groundnut. (Sugar and milk optional)images-107

4. Noodles and boiled egg (naija kids love this ‘bestest’)


5. Akara and pap


6. Plantain and beans


7. Plantain and fried egg


8. Rice and beans2016-10-10-18-40-02-970835014

9. Rice and fried plantain


10. Ofada Rice

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