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10 Foot Care Tips That Will Help You Have Beautiful Feet

nice feet
nice feet

Taking good care of your feet is very important to maintain its beauty, taking care of feet is equally important as caring for skin, face or hair. The skin of the feet is commonly thick and dry. Dry or cracked feet’s are the result of nutritional deficiency, if you neglect your feet it cause you pain.

If you want healthy, baby soft feet, you just need to remember to add a few extra steps into your daily beauty routine. Here are 10 great foot care tips that can help you get beautiful feet you will be proud of.

1.Exfoliate and moisturise: Just as you would take care of the skin on your face and hands; the same needs to be done for your feet. Exfoliate your feet regularly and that will stop hard skin building up. Moisturise them daily and that will keep your skin soft and supple. If you keep up a regular routine of foot care, it will be easy to keep your feet in perfect condition.

2. Wash your feet every day: Your feet get dirty during the day, so wash them twice a day if you can with warm water and soap. Keeping your feet clean will help to stop conditions like athlete’s foot and it will also stop you needing to worry about foot odour. Bacteria breed very quickly in the damp and dark conditions inside of your shoes, so good foot hygiene is an essential part of good foot care.

3. Give your feet a break from heels: High heels look great and they look sexy, but they don’t do your feet any good at all. Give the heels a break sometimes and wear flats on some days instead. If you wear heels every day, it can cause serious problems, not just with your feet, but with your back as well.

4. Go barefoot sometimes: Your feet will benefit from having a break from shoes, so walk barefoot sometimes and it will give your feet a chance to relax. Take a walk in your local park with your shoes off. It will be good for feet and it’s quite a liberating feeling to get close to nature again like that.

5. Check your feet regularly: People do generally tend to forget all about their feet, so things like fungal infections aren’t spotted until they have really set in. When you are drying your feet, take some time to check in between your toes, on the soles of your feet, and look at your toenails too. If you can catch foot problems early, they are much easier to treat.

6. Brighten feet with lemon juice: In the same way that you can brighten up the appearance of skin on your face, you can use natural products like lemon juice to freshen up and brighten your feet. To lighten the skin on your feet, try a mixture of equal measures of lemon juice, glycerine, and rose water. Wash your feet thoroughly first, apply the mixture to your feet and leave it on for about thirty minutes before you wash it off with warm water.

7. Nourish dry feet with coconut oil: If you have dry skin on your feet, then the best things to use to rehydrate them is coconut oil or olive oil. Massage one of these oils into your feet after every bath or shower, and it will keep your feet soft and hydrated. If your feet had become very dry, try applying oil to them before bedtime, covering your feet with a pair of socks, and leaving the oil on overnight.

8. Wear shoes that fit you properly: You should never make do with a shoe that doesn’t fit you properly because that can cause serious and long term foot problems. The best shoes for feet are those that have a rounded shape with plenty of room for your toes and a sensible, stable heel. Shoes with pointed toes are likely to cause calluses on the feet and ingrown toenails.

9. Hydrate your feet with banana: Bananas are great for the skin. They hydrate dry skin and make the skin much softer, so they are ideal for use on your feet. Mash up a banana into a paste and then apply it all over your feet. Leave it in for about fifteen minutes and then, when you wash it off with warm water, you will find that your feet are a lot softer and any dry skin will have been re-hydrated.

10. Soak your feet once a week: To keep feet healthy and soft, and to relax your feet after a long day, try a warm foot soak at least once a week. Just add two tablespoons of baking soda with some warm water and a couple drops of your favorite essential oil, and let your feet soak in the mixture for about twenty minutes. It will soften your feet and make it easier to remove any hard skin.


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