5 Great Tips For A First Date

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And if you’re a first-time first-dater, you’ll certainly be looking for some advice. Although first dates are exciting, they’re not always that easy to navigate. Preparing for one is like preparing for a job interview; we stress over what we should wear, what we should say, and whether or not it would be rude to do this or that.

To help you out, we’ve got 10 great tips for a first date. Let’s take a look!

Dress To Impress
First impressions do matter, so you do need to dress smart. Although you’re not going out for an evening on the town, you are going out for a meal or a drink – and you are meeting a new man. So you need to impress him with the way you dress.

As said, you’re not going out for the night, so you don’t need to panic about wearing heels and a tight dress. Wear something that is comfortable, not too over the top, but which looks great.

Don’t Try To Prove Yourself
You’ve both obviously enjoyed enhancing messages, so it shows that he’s clearly interested in you. So why would you then decide to show up on a first date and spend a lot of energy proving yourself to him?

You’re not here to blatantly convince him you’re good enough for him. You’re not her to put yourself on a pedestal, and boast about this and that.

The truth is that he’s as nervous as you are. Spend time getting to know him and don’t say anything dishonest about yourself. It will only bite you on the bum later on.

Show Him Some Respect
A male friend of mine once told me about a disastrous date he’d been on. He said the girl showed up 20 minutes late and checked her phone too often.

It didn’t sound like a total disaster to me, and it might not sound like a total disaster to you. Indeed, his date told him that she loved their time together and wanted to meet up again. He didn’t, though.

Although women are well known for turning up late to things, it’s super important that you respect the guy by turning up to your date on time. Get ready early and make sure nothing is going to make you late. Although 20 minutes over the agreed time might not sound like much to you, it’s a lot to him. It creates a bad impression.

Switch Your Phone Off
There is truly nothing more disheartening than going on a date with someone who is constantly checking their phone. It’s even worse when they don’t just check their phone, but actually reply to messages too! It gives the impression that they’re not interested.

To make sure you aren’t tempted to check your Facebook news feed or sneak in a quick text while he’s at the bar, keep your phone switched off. He’ll certainly remember you as “the girl who isn’t obsessed with her phone.”

Ask Questions
Guys are expected to take the lead on first dates and ask questions about us. But they get seriously bothered when it turns out that they’re asking all the questions. They want you to jon in and ask them stuff, too!

It not only shows that you’re interested in them, but it also stops the conversation from petering out to the point where they ask really silly questions just to avoid the silence, such as “favourite colour?”

Let him make the first move. If he had a great time, he’ll be in touch to let you know.

Stay happy!

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