10 Household Items You Will Definitely Find In A Nigerian Home





There are certain household items that you would find in almost every Nigerian home. They are unique to Nigerians for no particular reason. These items range from the kitchen to the bathroom, to general household items.

Here are 12 items you would surely find in a Nigerian home.

1. Garri Turner (Omorogun)

This one is the special best friend of Garri makers. It makes your life easier and makes it easier to make the Garri. Since Garri it is a popular Nigerian food, you would surely find it in most homes.

2. Fans

Almost everyone can confess to singing in their stand fan when they were younger. This item is found in most Nigerian homes, especially the ones were there are young kids.

3. Coloured Sponges

Everyone identifies their own sponge by the colour in a Nigerian home. You would usually find it hanging in the bathroom at all times.

4. Water drum

Thoughts of going to the well or to the community tap to fetch water when NEPA has chosen to disappoint you is a thought many Nigerian children know about.

5. Mortar and Pestle

Mortar and pestle is the original Nigerian blender. It is used for grinding and making various Nigerian meals.

6. Sieve

Thoughts of Sunday rice comes to mind when you think of the iron sieve. It is one of those kitchen items that Nigerian mothers seem to love.

7. Stainless plates

Remember when you were not old enough to use breakable plates? The stainless plate was the go-to then.

8. Extension box

Extension boxes that contain over 12 charging ports are one item you would surely find in a Nigerian home.

9. Generator

This is one item that almost every Nigerian family owns. We all know how trifling NEPA can be with light.

10. Rechargeable Lamp


Nobody dares touch daddy’s yellow torch. This is an item that I am sure you remember from your childhood.



Hangers are something you would surely find in a Nigerian household and many of us are notorious for hanging more than one or two clothes per hanger.


Ghana must go

This one is a must-have apparently because you would surely find it in a majestic spot in a Nigerian home.


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