10 Important Body Parts We Often Forget To Wash

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Bathing is an essential activity of our day to day living. It is known to be the best way to reduce or eliminate body odours. Bathing wipes out the infection from our stressed body and it is essential for good health.

In addition, when we bath each day in the morning there is a freedom we get throughout the day and which also increases our self-esteem. However, bathing does not really solve the whole problem. How we bath is very important, what part of our body we wash while bathing is also very important.

While bathing, there are some vital areas in our body we tend to ignore, because we have been taught since our childhood days to wash the most important parts of our body which includes the head and our private parts we’ve ended up ignoring the other areas of our body thereby increasing risks infection and body odour as time goes on.

We are going to be taking a look at the 10 parts of the body we often don’t wash while bathing. Here they are:

  1. Under Foot

The majority of people fall in this category because they fail to wash the under part of their feet. When bathing, quite a large number of us fail to remember that washing the under part of their foot is very important for healthy skin.

When we fail to wash the under part of our feet, it begins to change leading to what we call a dead skin. Also, it may also lead to cracks and the under part of our feet will become rough. Meanwhile, if you are guilty of this, you can go ahead and scrub your feet with a pumice stone. When you scrub your feet with a pumice stone, it will make them clean and soft once more.

  1. Behind the Ears

Our ears are very important and sensitive to our body because it enables us to hear things and what people are saying. The secretion at the back of the ear can begin to sink if it is not washed over time. Basically, a majority of people even fail to clean the ear not to talk more of the back of the ear.

Since we walk around where dust can be found, it is then important we begin to wash the back of our ear daily in order to prevent infection which may be building up.

  1. Bellybutton

Yes, a lot of people fall victim to this again. It is one of the sensitive areas of the body which is left ignored by the human mind. If you fail to wash your bellybutton daily, it begins to get dirty and can be infectious to our health. The bellybutton may be a small area in our body, but it is also important that it is washed.

  1. Finger Nails

Failing to wash our fingernails is the basic reason why a lot of people fall sick because that same finger is used to eat some foods. What we fail to realize is that the fingernails accumulate dirt which can be very unhealthy when we touch food or touch others. The dirt is often ridden with bacteria which can make people fall sick. That is why it is important that we begin to wash our fingernails.

  1. The Back

Some people who cannot reach for their back while bathing often fail to wash it. They only prefer to pour water on their backs while forgetting that it needs scrubbing in order to stay clean. The dirt from your back when you fail to wash it is capable of staining your cloth most especially if you are wearing a white shirt.

  1. In between Toes

For an individual who wears socks, shoes or even slippers, it is very important that you pay attention to washing in between your toes. After a long day’s work, dirt accumulates in between our toes and failure to wash that part of your body area could lead to your skin toe peeling or blackness of that area.

  1. Backside

As a man or woman, we often forget to wash our backside we are popularly known as the butt. When we go out on a daily basis, we sit on chairs thereby causing sweat on our backside. While bathing, it is then necessary that our backside gets washed and cleaned up in order for it not to smell or change from its original colour.

  1. Nostrils

People may see this point as actually disgusting, but it is very efficient when properly done. When we walkabout, we inhale dust which is bad for our health, this dust then begins to accumulate inside our nose causing some form of sickness like catarrh.

Washing our nostrils while bathing is very important for good hygiene.

  1. Hair

A good number of people still fail to wash their hair whenever they bath on a daily basis. Some who may fail to wash their hair may begin to experience dry scalps. Sometimes, the colour or your hair may begin to change if it is not washed. Washing or cleaning your hair while bathing eliminates the dirt that clogs the hair follicles.

  1. Palms

Since we make use of our sponge on our palms, we often fail to see the need to wash our palms again. However, it is very important that we wash our palms because they are one of the dwelling places for germs which can be harmful to our health.

I am sure a very high number of people fail to wash some of the body parts stated in this article. The human mind does not remember them when we bath. However, it’s great to keep them in mind during each bath to keep ourselves clean and free from germs and bacteria.

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