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10 Perfect Nigerian Celebrity Marriage That Might Never Get A Divorce Or A Break Up

We’ve experienced not just one, but numerous celebrity break ups which of course is very alarming.

This leaves us wondering if the concept of a ‘Perfect Match’ still really exists

Despite these marital woes, there still exist some celebrity couples who we all adore their love and union that we can’t just imagine them apart!

Here is a list of some Nollywood Celebrity Couples We Can’t Imagine Apart.

Apparently, this list was originally compiled by Somto of GossipMill, But we added a few things and also disagreed with a name on the list – Tonto Dikeh.

Like, Tonto Dikeh Just got married of recent! Let’s give them a few months before we can categorically say they can expreience no break up or divorce!


10. Tunde and Wunmi Obe.

This couple have been together for over 16 years and they’re still going strong.

Speaking with a PremiumTimes reporter, the Duo said they can never ever break up, not even as a music group but also as a couple.

Music stars, Tunde and Wunmi Obe, popularly known as TWO, have said they cannot break up as a music group, not even for publicity sake.

The duo, who spoke at a press conference in Lagos, said they were not just best friends, but happily married with kids and are seen as role models by several persons within and outside the entertainment industry.

“How do we explain to our kids whose friends in school will ask them if the split is true?” Wunmi said. “Do we say, ‘See daddy and mummy are just playing so we can sell records and make headlines?’ Ours goes beyond just music. We were members of the same band then became best friends, dated and married, so it’s not going to be easy to split up.”

On their scandal free career, the Mogbo Moya singers said they had learnt to deal with issues as mature adults and had stuck to the persons they started out with from the beginning.

“We are lucky, we have been working with the same manager, same people for over decades,” Tunde said. “Whenever we have any disagreement, we talk like mature adults. We have never had any confrontational period. I’m her best friend, she’s my best friend. When you don’t talk to your best friend you know how it feels.

“We make a joke of everything like “Wetin dey do you sef?” That’s the kind of relationship we have. We always communicate with a lot of respect. If you talk to me respectfully and I talk to you with respect, where will the quarrel come from and that’s the same thing about our marriage.”

Tunde jokingly blamed their clean image for their lack of brand endorsements.

“Maybe you (should) ask the brands, because I don’t understand,” he said. “It is giving the impression that having a clean image is not ok in Nigeria. Maybe we need a little bit of scandal in our lives, but we don’t know. It’s as shocking as ever.”

9. Tiwa Savage and TeeBillz


When word of Tiwa Savage’s engagement to her manager, Tunji Balogun aka Tee Billz got out back in February, not a few people were surprised at the development.

For starters, the pair had on more than one occasion, denied the fact that they were even dating at all.

Also, asides the fact that Tee Billz was Tiwa’s manager, very little was known about the groom-to-be. But while Tiwa and fiancee, Tunji may have seemed like a sudden development, the couple actually have quite some history between them.

In the beginning… Tiwa and Tee Billz like many lovers started their relationship on a platonic note.

As a fresh returnee to Nigeria from the United States, Tiwa had in the past, stated that she was faced with a lot of discouragement and hostility from people who didn’t think her music style would fly in the still mostly conservative Nigerian clime.

Enter Tee Billz….like a knight in shining armour, the 323 entertainment boss guided Tiwa Savage through the murky waters of the Nigerian entertainment industry, investing and believing in her where many failed to give her a chance.

In an interview which the Pepsi brand ambassador granted City People, Tiwa Savage said:

“When I didn’t have any money, he was the one investing in me.
Now it is easy to invest in Tiwa Savage because the brand is successful. He took a big risk investing time and money and people don’t realize that. You know he paid for my videos, paid for me to fly out here, paid for my dresses, my photo shoot and that is what made me who I am today.”

Tiwa also stated that it was initially a purely working relationship and waited for it…she even used to tease him about other girls, asking when he would get married!

But as time went on and as they grew closer, they soon realised that there was something special which existed between them, prompting them to make their business very personal.

…And they ‘Came Out of the Closet’ For the longest time, Tiwa Savage was supposedly single and although she was romantically linked with some of the most eligible men in the Nigerian entertainment industry (Don Jazzy, Banky W, Lynxx to name a few), the beautiful songstress vehemently denied being romantically attached to ANYONE…until the Elite Model Look 2012 happened.

The duo who had succeeded in keeping their relationship under wraps hit the red carpet of the Elite Model Look 2012 and right in the middle of the photo session, Tee Billz planted a kiss on Tiwa’s cheek.

Expectedly, the rumour mills went agog after the pictures hit the public but the duo continued to deny they were dating.

However, less than 6 months later they got engaged putting to rest the dating rumours once and for all.

The Engagement On Tuesday 5th February 2013, a day which also happened to be Tiwa’s 33rd birthday, Tee Billz shocked fans and industry watchers when he got down on one knee and proposed to Tiwa in the presence of friends, colleagues and well-wishers, promptly taking her out of the singles market and breaking the hearts of men around Nigeria and beyond.

Young, good-looking and very well-placed, Tiwa Savage and Tee Billz are shaping up to be one of Nigerian entertainment’s most influential couple as they now have a child together. can we imagine these two apart? That’s some love disaster that’s just unimaginable!

8. Mercy Johnson and Prince Okojie


The Beautiful Couple are Blessed with 2 kids and They are expectant of another.

Despite heavy criticisms on Mercy Johnson Getting Pregnant just few months after the delivery of their second child, Henry, Mercy Says a Fourth Child is on the way!

Such Motherly Spirit!

No controversy on their marriage as at time of this compilation, except the fact that Prince Okojie left his former wife for his present wife, Mercy Johnson.

A marriage blessed with almost 3 kids! Nah. .I see no separation of such anytime soon.

7. 2face dibia And Annie Idibia


This is probably the best love story ever, after all the ups and downs, the break- ups, cheating and all, they still ended up as ONE!

How They Met:

Annie first met 2face Idibia at Even Ezra Music Studio when she was just fifteen and in her words,

“I think there was some electricity that second”.


They were friends first but had started dating officially by the time they shot the “African Queen” video in 2004.

That was when 2Face announced that they were together during an interview. Mehn, they don tey oh…

I remember my 16th birthday at Alpha Beach, with me and my friends. When we were going home, we all walked to the bus stop with him and his cousin. Plantashun Boiz had just recorded “Knock Me Off” at the time so he wasn’t a star yet.

So we got into the bus, he sat in front with his cousin so when we wanted to pay the conductor, he said, “no, he done pay already” I was feeling like a babe. “Hey! My boyfriend paid everybody’s bus fare.” And that time, bus was like N2.50k or N3 per person for about 14 people. But he told me recently that he didn’t eat that night because he paid for everyone.” awwwwwww

Soon Annie’s entertainment career became a lot more difficult as a result of being known as “2face’s girl” and then they had their first breakup, came back, broke up again.

She was hurt when word got out that, in quick succession, 2Face had gotten two different women pregnant – Pero Adeniyi and Sumbo Ajala. At that point, the couple broke up.

When Pero and Sumbo yet again got pregnant for 2Face once again, that was when 2Face and Annie had their longest break-up which lasted almost a year and a half. But as they say, love will always find a way, they made up again and Annie gave birth to 2Face’s fifth child Isabel and then in 2012, Pero gave birth to his sixth child in the US.

Well, Pero couldn’t prevent them from being together..

In 2012, 2Face proposed to Annie on Valentine’s Day at Jay Jay Okocha’s Club 10 in Victoria Island, Lagos. And, they weren’t even dating then, although were still on talking terms after he had called her out of the blue a few weeks before, visited her at home and asked for her forgiveness and friendship.

According TO eye-witness reports, 2Face took Annie to a quiet section of the club, he knelt down and told her “I KNOW WE have had OUR ups and downs but it will be MY heart’s desire for YOU to marry ME” and then presented the dazzling ring and Annie began screaming “YES, YES, YES” after crying her eyes out!

Shortly after 2Face‘s concert when he brought out then-fiancee, Annie during his performance of“African Queen”, the two secretly legalized their union in a Lagos registry on Tuesday, May 1 2012.

…hmmn, their super expensive traditional wedding sha sha sha took place on Friday 8th March 2013, equipped with two big wedding parties before & after. The wedding shook akwa ibom…

And then the big white wedding took place on 3/23/2013 in DUBAI. ccurrently have 2 lovely kids together. 2face who just celebrated his 40th birthday took his wife annie as his date. can we imagine these two apart? That’s some love disaster that’s just unimaginable!

6. Damilola Adegbite and Chris Attoh


We can’t just help but love this steamy hot couple. Give us some Dammy and Chris and that would equate some measure of love.

The dashing couple who eventually got married on Valentine’s Day of 2015 currently have a child together, they started dating in 2011, got engaged in August 2014 but really, what have remained constant all through the years our eyes caught them together is the love they both exude around each other.

Call them the African Bonnie and Clyde, can we imagine these two apart? That’s some love disaster that’s just unimaginable!

5. Dakore Akande and Hubby, Olumide Akande


According to the charming actress, she met her husband during a course of a business expenditure, just immediately after she returned to Nigeria from the UK.

Her cute husband, Olumide Akande, who is the son of foremost businessman and billionaire, Harry Akande, was of course, at that time was one of the most eligible bachelors at that time. It’s was an interesting scoop when the couple’s love affairs later caught the eye of the public.

However, fast forward to the present, it’s no gainsaying that the lovebirds who had a glamorous wedding in January, 2011 make a wonderful, wonderful couple together. And anything that falls short from this is a heartbreaker and we just can’t imagine these two apart. It’s totally unimaginable!

4. Omoni Oboli and Hubby, Nnamdi Oboli


Omoni Oboli and her heartthrob made it on our list because we think they are very adorable and cute together.

Married for fifteen years with three beautiful boys, they are just an epitome of a perfect match!

The couple who could pass as siblings are very much into each other that they do literally everything together.

Call them the Jack and Rose of our time, you won’t be mistaken and we can’t imagine one of these two without the other…That’s an unbalanced equation that’s rather impossible!

3. Stephanie Okereke-Linus and sweetheart, Idahosa Linus


This dashing couple have not been married for long but they have tickled our fancy as a couple who truly adore each other.

They got married In April 2012 Okereke married Linus Idahosa in Paris, France, at a private wedding ceremony that was attended by members of her family and scores of Nollywood actresses and actors.

Apparently, they seem to be very fond of each other that they are usually in company of each other at functions.
They gush over each other at every opportunity and we don’t think it would be out-of-place to say these two were made for each other from heaven.

However, the couple who are expecting their first child met during a business expedition and since then, they have been inseparable.

Can we imagine them apart? It would rather, be a dream!

2. Omotola Jalade and Hubby, Captain Ekeinde


Beautiful Nollywood diva, Omotola Jalade Ekeinde is a woman of many faces. One of these, of course, is being a wife and a mother. Married for 18 years to Captain Matthew Ekeinde, this has been a feat many adore her and husband for.

The couple have 4 kids together and are both supporters of each other’s career and we just can’t help but adore their kind of love.

It might not be a common knowledge that Omotola is ten years younger than her heartthrob. However, despite this age difference, they have both remained best friends and their marriage has been an example that somehow, somewhere, love in marriages is achievable, only if both parties are willing.

And the secret to their lasting marriage? Omotola at every opportunity, points at patience and trust.
But can we imagine these two beautiful people apart? No, that would be totally unforgivable!

1. Joke Silva and Olu Jacobs


Number one on our list, of course, is no other than the beautiful Nollywood couple, Olu Jacobs and Joke Silva!

Believe it or not, these two have spent 30 whole years together as a married couple. Popularly tagged Nollywood’s most celebrated couple, this of course, we think, is well deserved.

Despite going through some rough times together, also witnessing the loss of a child, they have both still remained strong. Asides from been each others besties, these two reminds us of a high school love that transcends till old age.

And the secret to their long lasting marriage? These two have always ascribed it to God. They have also cited communication and trust to be one of the few factors that keeps their marriage going.

Can we imagine these two apart? Nah! That’s too expensively unimaginable!

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