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10 Perfect Ways To Plan And Organise An Event

Are you in charge of planning the event? Have a huge function coming up?  No stress! Howng gives you the lowdown on how to plan an event and pull off a memorable party that no one will soon forget. Party planning not really your thing? Checkout the following points… So, you’ve decided that you are going to give this event planning a try?

Whether you are planning a small or large event, we are here to help. With the right planning, you can make sure that your event runs smoothly. Whatever the reason for hosting the event, today we will highlight some essentials on how to organise an event.

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Defining your event’s objectives and goals

The first step to party planning is to know what you want to achieve. Clearly outline your goals so that you can stay on track during the process. Your goals will guide the decisions that you make.

Event Planning Vision

Once you know what your goals are it is time to sit down and get creative. Firstly, you will need to be clear on what outcome you want to achieve. Once you know what you are aiming for, brainstorm as many ideas as you can think of. Write all your ideas down, go through the list and select the ideas that are a good match to your goals for the event.

Once you have a few top ideas to work with you can take the next step by doing research and getting input from other people. Next assess the feasibility of each idea and pick the one which stands out the most. Once you have a vision for the occasion you can move on to the next stage of event planning.

Draw up a storyboard for your party

A fun idea that has great outcomes is to make a storyboard. Using a storyboard helps to create a visual representation of your ideas for the event. To make a storyboard you will need some old magazines, scissors, glue, pens and a piece of cardboard.

Once you have everything need you can get started on your storyboard. Cut out photos and words which represent your vision for the event and stick them onto the cardboard.

create a storyboard for your event

Deciding on a Party Theme

Selecting a theme is a key part and will influence not only how you organise your party, but your event planning checklist as well.

You can make your event stand out by picking an innovative theme. It is also important to consider what theme will appeal to your target audience. The type of event that you are organising will influence the theme that you choose.

Establishing a team

A crucial part of how to organise an event from beginning to end is to build the perfect team. While learning how to plan an event can be time consuming, with the help of the right team it is a lot easier. You will need personnel to oversee the venue, volunteers and entertainment.

If necessary, you will also need a team member who is equipped to handle publicity and sponsorship for the event.


how to organise an event

Set the date for the party

When you are choosing a date for your event make sure that it doesn’t clash with other major events. If there is another event that your guests have already planned to attend, it will affect the success of your party. It is also advisable to check the date with key stakeholders.

You will need to take public and school holidays into account during the event planning process. It is crucial to have enough time for planning. The size and type of event you are organising will affect the amount of time that you need. It is a good idea to set a date that leaves you with 4- 6 months to prepare.

Party Planning Budget

When it comes to learning how to organise an event successfully, making a budget is a vital step. Start off with the amount that you can afford to spend. Setting a limit on the cost of your event is important as it will help to prevent overspending.

Next list everything that you need for your event and get quotes on the cost of each item. It is advisable to get more than one quote so that you know that you are getting a fair deal. Multiple quotes also give you an indication of where you can reduce costs if necessary.

The venue, food and décor are some of the main costs that you will need to factor in.

factors in event planning

Food and venue for your event

Part of event planning tasks, you will need to decide on the venue, caterers and décor that you are going to use for the event. Selecting the right entertainment or speakers is also important. During this step you can refer to the event objectives, theme and budget.

Event timeline

A vital part of how to plan an event is drawing up a timeline. Making a timeline helps you plan when you are going to carry out each step. Certain tasks need to be done in advance while others will need to be carried out closer to the event date.

It is important to book a venue and caterers in advance to avoid disappointment. Sending out invitations or save the date notifications also need to be done in advance. By making a timeline you can get the time consuming tasks out of the way first. That way as the event approaches you will have time for any last minute tasks that may arise.

An Event Planning Checklist to keep in your pocket

Having a well-defined event planning checklist will not only help the process run smoother, but set more defined tasks and goals in the party planning process.

  • Establish your objective and goals
  • Create an overall vision for the event
  • Make a storyboard
  • Decide on a party theme
  • Establish a team
  • Set a date
  • Create a budget
  • Determine the timeline
  • Select a venue
  • Book entertainment or speakers
  • Send out invitations
  • Organise caterers
  • Source decorations

Now that you know how to plan an event, you can get started on organising a special occasion. If this endeavour is not something that appeals to you, you can always hire a professional to handle the party by finding an event planner on Junk Mail.

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