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10 Most Prosperous Countries In Africa (Nigeria Missing)

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141216132339 1 botswana chris jackson getty images horizontal gallery

“According to new research from the Legatum Institute, which last week ranked prosperity in 38 African countries around criteria ranging from economics to education to health, the title belongs to Botswana, the diamond-rich country in southern Africa.


As well as posting a relatively high per capita Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of $15,176, Botswana also fared well in terms of governance, education and personal freedom. As the country spends 8% of its GDP on education, it is among the biggest proportional spenders in the world according to the World Bank. This is the third year in a row that Botswana has topped the index.


In contrast, the Central African Republic was the lowest ranked country on the continent. The country, which has a per capita GDP of $584, has seen increasing violence since the end of 2012, and only 21.5% of the population have access to sanitation according to the prosperity index.” – CNN

The List

  1. Bostwana
  2. South Africa
  3. Morocco
  4. Namibia
  5. Tunisia
  6. Algeria
  7. Ghana
  8. Rwanda
  9. Burkina Faso
  10. Senegal


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