10 Quick Tips For Eating More Vegetables

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Eating lots of veggies is one of the easiest ways to lower calorie intake and lose weight. But it’s not an easy thing to do. So here are 10 tricks that will make it easier to get enough veggies every day.

1. Eat raw veggies as you cook

Make the habit of eating carrots, sliced cucumbers, broccoli and so on when cooking. This will also reduce chances of overindulging in your meal.

2. Eat salad as a main meal

Instead of eating salad before the meal, make it the meal. Adding chicken, fish or steak and a piece of avocado will give you as balanced of a diet.

Add a moderate amount of olive oil to your salad to avoid excess calories.

3. Make vegetable soup

Veggie soup is easy to prepare – here are a few veggie soup recipes you can try. Drink one or two cups before meals. Another good idea is to make green smoothies.

4. Serve veggies wisely

Serve veggies in the plate before you put on any other food. Then fill half of the plate with veggies. You’ll be forced to eat less starchy foods and more veggies.

5. Add spices and herbs

Most folks avoid veggies because they don’t find them tasty. So make the veggies delicious by adding herbs and spices.

6. Cook veggies in advance

When doing your meal prepping, cook veggies that can last for a week. That way it’ll be easier to eat them in every meal and increase your intake.

7. Make sure the veggies are visible

You are more likely to eat veggies if you see them all the time. Big brands use this trick in the supermarkets – they make sure their products are placed on eye level. And it’s one you can use yourself by storing veggies on the top shelf of the fridge.

8. Frozen veggies

It’s preferable to eat fresh produce, but frozen veggies can still work. They still taste good and contain all the nutrients. Frozen veggies are also cheaper than fresh ones.

9. Swap processed snacks for veggies

Instead of buying cookies, chocolate bars, crisps etc. eat sandwiches, raw veggie dips and so on.

10. Start slow

The idea of eating vegetables in every meal can be overwhelming if you don’t like them. So start slow, eating them in one meal a day. And once it becomes a habit, move up to two meals. Eventually you’ll be eating lots of veggies.

Eating enough vegetables can make a huge difference in your health and weight. Put the above tips into action and start reaping the health benefits of vegetables.



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