10 Reasons To Increase Fruit Intake


Watermelon is loaded with incredible benefits; from containing multiple vitamins and minerals it works for loads of health issues.

Watermelon is raved to contain amazing health benefits that covers everything from the brain all the way to the cells in the feet!

Watermelon is incredibly hydrating as it contains up to 92% water and is naturally low-fat, so the more you load on this fruit, the more hydrated the body gets.

1. Improves eye health.

2. Reduces body fat

3. Prevents cell damage, heals wounds and provides immune support.

4. Reduces risks of kidney disorders.

5. Helps lower high blood pressure

6. Helps in curing erectile dysfunction

7. Helps lower blood sugar levels especially when diabetic.

8. Prevents cancer.

9. Soothes sore muscles

10. Its great for the heart.

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