10 Reasons why Nigerians should vote for Buhari as President

Muhammadu Buhari,
President Buhari

Nigerians are free to vote for whoever they like as president. I’m not exactyl saying that you should vote for Buhari or Jonathan but I just want to list some positive reasons why Nigerians should vote for Buhari:

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Why you should vote for Buhari:
1. He made policies that helped cut importation: Unlike other past administrations, Buhari in his own time made policies that helped reduce Nigeria’s dependence on importation and this helped local industries. We need leaders like this again.

2. He is an old man and would be more compassionate: Unlike younger presidents, an older president is more likely to be considerate and more mature in his decisions. He is more likely to be compassionate to people’s suffering and misfortunes and is more likely to act when needed to protect the interest of the public.

3. He has military experience: Given the growing level of terrorism and violence in Nigeria, it’s only fitting to engage someone who has military experience as president. Buhari might be in the best position to bring peace in Nigeria by putting an end to Boko haram.

4. Nigeria needs a change in government: The PDP government has been in power for up to 16 years now and it’s time for another party to take charge given that many Nigerians are still suffering and PDP has not done much to make the country better. Voting for Buhari is a vote for change.

5. Buhari is less likely to tolerate corruption: He is less likely to be corrupt or tolerate corrupt ministers and politicians. He is more likely to prosecute people who have made Nigeria poorer by their corruption.

6. An APC government will want to do better than PDP and this would be good competition: Given that a win for Buhari will mean a change of government, Buhari’s party will want him to do more good than the PDP has done just to ensure that they remain in power and that the PDP has no negative remark to make about them by the time their 4 years of power is over. They are more likely going to do projects that would make Nigeria a better place and would encourage people to keep the APC in power after their first term.

7. Nigeria has had a Christian president for more than 10 years: Since the country returned to democratic rule, Nigeria has had more Christian presidents than Muslims and they’ve held on to power for more than 10 years. Given that Nigeria also has a significant Muslim population, it’s only fitting that a Muslim president be given power to rule for at least for equity sake.

8. Buhari is not too money conscious: Unlike his other competitors, Buhari has tasted power before and he is not seen as a money conscious politician as much as his competitors who might just want to get power for the sake of money. Buhari seems to be more concerned about keeping his good name rather than acquiring riches from Aso rock and Nigeria needs men like that.

9. He is a disciplined leader: Buhari is less likely to compromise on his principles or let other people ride him if he becomes president. He is also not the kind of person that follows others but rather a natural born leader.

10. Buhari’s adminstration will save more of Nigeria’s money: Buhari’s government style based on his history is the kind that saves money for the country. He is more likely to have a smaller cabinet and smaller number of offices. He is less likely to be travelling all around the world and lodging in hotels or spending Nigeria’s money abroad since he is not that kind of person. When he was military ruler, he spent less money on administration and he is more likely going to do the same if he becomes president in a civilian administration.

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