10 States In Nigeria Where Pidgin-English Is Most Spoken [Written In Pidgin]

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Pidgin is Nigeria’s second most acceptable language aside the universally recognized English language. With over 250 ethnic groups and diversified local dialects, most Nigerians sometimes inter-switch the official English language for Pidgin and sometimes encourage their visitors to do same. More than 90% of Nigerian tertiary institution students speak Pidgin when conversing among themselves because it is easier for them to convey their message quicker than stressing themselves with big grammatical expression when they can navigate their tongues with simple pidgin-enhanced tone.

Below is a compilation of states in Nigeria where Pidgin is most spoken that the officially accepted English:

Based on based ehn, dis na d capital of Naija as all of ona know. The softness wey dey ooze for this coast na highest for the full country. The softness don real attract crowd from different holes come assemble for this arena.. The crowd nor get choice but to settle for pidgin make adagba nor for hang bulb-wire in the long-run.

Still on still ehn, this state still get small levo unto the pidgin spirit based on say na jur river share am from the capital of Delta state.. dat na wetin white men dey call “clash of culture”..

O Bob! This state nor suppose sight road enter this list sha.. but still on the clash of culture things, most strong men here dey ball in Edo state steady unto one or two tiings based on say places like Auchi, Okpella etc nor too give Kogi state yard..

Calabar people sha.. Their pidgin dey sound like Chinese dat year sha, but some kind Urhobo boys don hustle enter there come give their girls belleh finish.. this belleh-giving nai make new generation calabar children dey tear pidgin like Sapele agbero these days.. Pikin must resemble papa unto one or two tinz na.

Ma first hail some kind lost souls for this yard before I fire down.. Men like RMD, Basorge-Tariah, Ali Baba and other staunch wey abandon us go that way.. I jur like let ona know say nor be so o.. Cow wey smart go America go come back as cornbeef one day sha..
Still on still ehn, this state kari-get population from different parts of the country.. But we all know say dia pidgin melting pot dey Ajegunle where Area borku yakata.. Still on the hustle, AJ boys turn musicians o.. all we slangs for Area na dem pack full dia music…..and ona know say music dey kari-spread.. slangs spread so tey market women dey chew dem like gum based on say nor be everybody fit speak Yoruba na.. so d pidgin jur serve as dia lingua franca for dah way…. example of dose slangs wey dem thief na “Who You Help” wey Olamide thief from Shuun Bebe…

No doubt, militants don teach these people pidgin finish based on the oyel tinz.. dem try!

Down to the big four

This na one gallant South-South state wey jur gather people from different tribes like Tower of Babel.. Oil industries borku for this state and even omormor know say business must full anywhere oil industries gallant put. These people of different tribes based on say dem nor get unified language come dive pidgin make quarrel for nor too dey sup unto business tidings.

Ijaw full this state nor be small.. Naturally their lingua franca suppose be Ijaw, but based on say d state near Delta anyhow, dem jur gat copy dia elder brother (Delta) main language make e for nor loss..

2. EDO
Oba a to pe’e.. Before 1991, this state dey conjoined with Delta state.. dem regard dem as one den (Bendel).. This state nor be number one for this list based on say some kind villages there near Yoruba states like Ondo and Ekiti…. This kari-near don weaken dia pigin anyhow.. na jur Benin come get level unto the lingua..

Area!! 12 Kpokos for all the Nairaland Waffarians.. Any Effurun pesin here? Abeg signify make men observe ur kpai number..
Dem nor dey drag seat with Oba o….. The full state gallant for d pidgin level sha.. from Warri/Effurun to Sapele, Ughelli, Abraka, Oghara, Osubi, Asaba, Agbarho etc.. Area! ona too much abeg.. I throw backy give all of ona. Dem say overfamiliarity nai nor dey make man chop house rat..

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