10 Things Anybody That Went To Boarding House Can Relate To

If you have been to boarding house then no one can talk to you about suffering in life.

I’m talking about the real boarding houses in Government schools not the ‘living quarters’ in private schools. In retrospect it seems like it helped to mould lives and also curb behaviours that would have otherwise gotten out of hand.

But then again I don’t think anyone would want to relive their experiences. These are a few things you can definitely relate to.

1. When someone steals your pillow and you chase them only to come back and find your mattress too gone.



2. When you can’t open your provisions in front of your room-mates because you know they will beg for something.



3. When you come back from the holidays and your friend says she travelled to Chicago in the UK.




4. When it’s time for rice and chicken on Sunday and you know the chicken may not be enough for everyone.IMG_20160228_085442

5. When you ask your junior to fetch water and he/she tries to form Bruce Lee.



6. When you want to go for a party outside school and you get caught scaling the fence.



7. When you’re about to get punished then and you see your school mother/father.IMG_20160210_140107


8. When SS2s and SS3s are fighting.IMG_20160225_151857

9. When you try to do TDB (till day break) during exams but it never works out.IMG_20160228_094020

10. When it’s time for socials so you wear all of your best clothes at once.IMG_1014

source: OmgVoice

Written by PH

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