10 Things You Didn’t Know About President Jonathan and the Fight Against Corruption

President Jonathan has made fighting corruption a key priority for his administration, helping to move Nigeria forward. Check out these 10 things you didn’t know about his fight against corruption:

1. He has chosen to fight corruption with good strategies and diligence, not brute force.

2. He will not abuse his powers in order to appear tough on corruption. He believes that following due process while fighting corruption strengthens our institutions

3. He granted the EFCC independence from the Attorney General and Minister of Justice, so it can pursue corruption in the public sector without interference.

4. With smart policies, he has decimated almost 4 decades of fertilizer subsidy fraud, saving N50bn in a single year.

5. He revived the Integrated Payroll and Personnel Information System (IPPIS) to eliminate a major avenue of corruption in the public sector. This has resulted in the elimination of 50,000 ghost workers and N139bn in savings

6. Project Aquila, implemented under President Jonathan, has helped reduced up to 20 million liters a day in PMS subsidy fraud by using technology to track the movement of petroleum products around Nigeria


7. He approved the compulsory retirement of a judge that dismissed a grievous corruption case against a Bank CEO before taking the defendant’s plea

8. He approved the sack of a judge that upheld the results of a fraudulent election in Osun State even though the Judge’s decision had benefitted his own party, PDP.

9. He approved the suspension of a judge that had sentenced a man, convicted of stealing pension funds, to a paltry fine instead of prison.

10. He doesn’t like to make a big show of it, because there is a lot more work to be done, but he is winning the war on corruption.


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  1. Law is for people to deter from engaging in bad conduct. That is why God gave it to mankind. And if someone go away with bad conduct, that will make him do it again, and others will emulates him, till it is widespread. And that is the situation we find ourselves in Nigeria today. Gej promised us consigning subsidy fund, that he will use it to build refineries, road etc after he used hike in petroleum price as a New Year gift for Nigerians. And he asked us to trust him which we eventually did. Tell me the result of the of the trust we place on him? Fraud. He and his board duped us of our hard earned money. And again he is seeking another chance after more than six years as the president of this nation where he have nothing to show for the the trust placed on him. And he also believed that six year single term should be passed into law. Which he have used and nothing to show for it , everything have up like 3 folds since he became the president of the nation, half of the country is not ours while we entrust it to him as a whole, took him 40 days to admit chibok girl were kidnapped and so on.
    Pls let us be gej because you have failed us all accept the unwise among us

  2. The candidate that does not need to campaign is GEJ , because he had six good years to prove to us that he is perfect for the job which he failed woefully. And people are very aware of this but are asking us to try him again!!! I think they are out of their mind. Another four years of suffering. Pls tell that to the chibok parents and people living in the affected areas.

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