10 Things Most Nigerian Girls Like About Guys

Most people say “it’s so hard to understand women”. Truth is we have the cheat codes and will tell you. Ever tried to talk to a Nigerian girl and she’s been turning you down? This list will help you.   Disclaimer: This does not relate to ALL Nigerian girls. Read in peace!

1. Money

Money makes the world go round and makes everything move. It also makes the hearts of some Nigerian girls flutter and melt. Better still if it is a foreign currency.

2. Perfume

This is really a very dope way to impress. You hear it all the time “I love men that smell good”. Go buy that perfume bottle today.

3. Car keys

This is a very important key, literally. Just have the car keys, and place them strategically during a conversation and open doors for yourself. Where will you get keys? We don’t know.

4. Cars

This is a step up from just having the keys, have the car. Make it a very good one. 2010 models and above. Thank us later.

5. Culinary skills

Nigerian girls like or love guys that can cook. Go learn how to cook, post the food photos online and you’ll have your way into their hearts.


6. Sweet-talking abilities

Generally, ladies love to be wooed, but Nigerian girls are a special breed. You need to up your toasting game to be able to get any of them.

7. Oil and Gas job

Ladies love guys with an ambition or stable job. They don’t like anything still in the ‘pipeline’ or works. Except your job has to do with pipelines then you are winning.

8. VIP or VVIP

Tagline: “Do you want to go see a show with me? I have two VIP tickets”. This will work. Just find the money to keep on getting VIP or VVIP tickets. Thank us later.

9. Wedding rings

We heard this is one way to some Nigerian girls hearts. Guys look a little attractive with the wedding bands. Or on another note guys in relationships. We think they took #SeizeTheBae too far.

10. Beards

Last but not the least. This could easily be the top of this list. Nigerian babes love guys with the full connecting beard. Note full and connecting, please don’t embarrass yourself with the “bear-bear”.


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