10 Things People Hate About Living In Lagos


Lagos is an exciting and interesting city to live in. But many residents hate to love  Lagos. What do people hate most about living in Lagos?


Daily traffic snarl is one reason people hate Lagos

1.Traffic: Lagosians dread the traffic. An average Lagos residents spend a quarter of the day in traffic situation is one reason why people hate Lagos. Take away the traffic and Lagos will be less stressful.

2. Area boys: The ubiquitous street urchins can sure make life difficult in Lagos when they start trouble. Ask most Lagosians, they will wish area boys just vanished from the city.

3. Expensive rent: Lagos rents should be among the highest in the world. The exorbitant rent in Lagos is the reason for the proliferation of slums in the city.

4. Road Rage: Lagos drivers are some of the craziest you can find anywhere in the world.

5. The Prices: Lagos is expensive. Cost of goods is higher than anywhere in the country.

6. Cost of Transport: Transportation is expensive and unregulated. The operators can wake one day and decide to increase transportation cost.

7. Annoying Beggars: Lagos is full of annoying beggars. Yes, some people have a reason to beg, but some beggars are just too lazy to work. They are in your face everywhere in traffic, at parties and on the streets. It is really one reason to hate Lagos.

8. Absence of Pedestrian Walk: Well, the situation with pedestrian in Lagos have actually got better. Absence of pedestrian walk on many Lagos roads is one reason to hate Lagos.

9. Lagos Police: Nigerian police are aggressive and unfriendly. But Lagos police officials are in class of their own. They are known for their brutality and extra-judicial measures. People hate them with passion.

10. Stress: Lagos life is a combination of stress. Ask any Lagosian and they will give you a million reasons why they are facing stress.