10 Things You Shouldn’t Do As A Lady When You Meet A New Guy

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Ladies, 10 things you shouldn’t do when you meet a new guy or new catch.
(1) Don’t take your friends along with you when he invites you on a date

(2) Don’t go to his house unannounced

(3) Don’t ask him for money

(4) Don’t compare him to your ex or talk about your ex, only if he request

(5) Don’t get drunk on your first outing with him.

(6) Don’t wear see through or exposing outfits on your first outings

(7) Don’t bore him with all your family or personal issues

(8) Don’t talk about Marriage

(9) Don’t pry about the size of his pocket, his earnings or the car he drives

(10) Don’t be too quick to post his picture on instagram, Facebook, (social media) etc.

Some ladies today wonder why after a guy has shown interest in them or after 2/3 dates he disappears or doesn’t return their phone calls, text bbms. Here are some of the reasons listed above.

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