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10 Things You Need To Have To Start A Fashion House In Nigeria.

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Here are the 10 things you need to have to start a Fashion House in Nigeria.


This is very necessary. If you are starting a fashion house in Nigeria, you need to be skilled with the rudiments of tailoring no matter how little it is. Ensure you have an idea of what you are going into. Get yourself trained by competent Fashion Instructors. Invest your time and money into getting the required knowledge. This will help you in your Fashion and Design Business even if you plan to employ tailors to work for you. By learning to sew, you get to relate with instructors and gain experience on how to handle clients and the risks involved in the business.


Every business needs capital to grow. Fashion and Design Business is not left out. With little capital, you can start your fashion house. All you need is to get the necessary equipment you need to kick-off your business. Examples of such are:

  • Straight sewing machine
  • Overlock sewing machine
  • Buttonhole and Zigzag sewing machine
  • Steamed press iron
  • Cutting table and stood
  • Cloth racks and hangers
  • Mannequin
  • Scissors, measuring tape, tailors chalk etc
  • Generator (Tiger) 

To mention a few.


Every SME in the fashion and design business should know that it is very important and benefiting to get your business registered with the Cooperate Affairs Commission. When your business is registered, you get the chance to participate in international deals. Apart from this, you have the benefit of entitlement, grants and loans from government and public parastatal. This bold step shows you are opened for greater opportunities that can bring expansion. I believe someone is doing this soon…


Many individuals have made a name for themselves in the fashion and design business. These people are your competitors. As a beginner, you need a knowledge of how they grew from scratch to fame. This information is needed for you to set a target and aim higher. Learning from their own experiences will keep you from falling into their ditches and help you soar higher.


 A lot of potential have been buried because they set up their business in the wrong places. Before starting a fashion and design business, do a visibility survey. Ask people around. Is there a need for your service in that location? Can people in that location afford your services? What class of people are in the location?

Having the right clients will take your business a long way. Likewise, your location will determine who will patronise you.


As a small and medium entrepreneur, you need to market your business for you to get known. Starting with those closest to you. Let them know what you are into. Publicize your business everywhere you go. Make post on all your social media handle.

Create a page for your business and always update content to keep your followers hooked. 

Get a business card and give to people. Trust me, they will come. Just one trial is enough to convince them.

One important way to market your fashion and design business in this modern day is by getting a website for your fashion business. It will expose you beyond your immediate location or even country. There a lot of fashion designers who sell their works to as far as Europe and America and they are getting paid in Dollars. Isn’t that fantastic? There is a high demand for African attires in the western world, and you too can partake in this by owning a website.


As far as fashion and design business in Nigeria is concerned, you need someone to lead you through. It could be on a distant level or otherwise. Know your trend of choice and study people who have made a name in that line. Designers like Toyin Lawani of Tiannas place who specializes in transformer dresses, Or Ceolumini known for designing celebrity dresses in Nigeria.  Whoever it is, make sure you learn the best from them and grow your business into an empire.


Your brand and name would be recognized only if you have a label. Your label is your signature. It gives people your identity over your designs. Get one. Let it be classy and different. Uniqueness makes your designs more classic.


Virtually, every business needs to be organized for growth to take place. As a small and medium Entrepreneur, you must be well organized in executing all your business transactions. Errors are inevitable but can be minimized. Give the best to your clients. Be ready to give account of activities you get involved in. Be different for good. Never go into the Fashion and design business with the notion of disappointing your clients. Remember integrity is a major ingredient to growth in business.


Giving room for others to judge you is a sign of willingness to improve. You need to create an avenue for people to see what you can do and judge you. Get models to wear your designs, do a photoshoot and upload on your website. Let people criticize you and pick the needed points and improve on them. Work on yourself till you get to the top.

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