10 Tips To Love Your Body

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In today’s modern world, we are bombarded by images of, what other people think, is the perfect body shape and size. The truth, though, is that very few women in the world actually are that so called ‘ideal’ weight and shape and, we all come in very many different shapes and sizes. Everyone has parts of their body that they like and everyone has parts that they are aren’t so keen on, but for some people, the poor image that they have of their own body can really get them down and, in some case, lead to illnesses, such as bulimia and anorexia. If you are one of those people who have body image issues, read these ten useful tips on how to feel good about your body.

1. Stop comparing yourself to other people

The more you compare yourself with other people, the worse you are going to feel about your own body. Given that we are all different, making comparisons with other people is completely pointless and, when you do compare, you probably do it selectively. If you are concerned that your breasts are too small, then it is most likely that you only ever compare yourself with big busted girls and never take a second glance at a girl with a similar sized chest to yourself.

2. Stop yourself having negative thoughts about your body

Research has proven that if you keep on thinking about something, it will strengthen that belief in your own mind. So our next tip on how to feel good about your body is to try and stop yourself from thinking negative thoughts about your body and say ‘no’, when those thoughts come into your mind and then, quickly turn them into a good, positive statement that makes you feel great. If you challenge the negative thoughts, you can break out of the cycle of negative body image that you have developed.

3. Remind yourself of what you do like about yourself

When you do start to think about an aspect of your body that you don’t like, force yourself to think about the things about you that you are proud of. So, you don’t like your nose, what about your hair, your nails and your legs? Often a negative body image is a fixation on just one thing and people forget all the things that they do like about themselves.

4. Don’t forget what’s on the inside

Never forget that the person you really are is the person that is on the inside. It may well be a cliché to say that beauty is skin deep, but remember that there are plenty of people who match the media ideal of the perfect body who are completely horrible people on the inside. Remember, too, that the glossy photos will never tell you if that person is truly happy, or not, either.
5. Be grateful for what you do have

Remember that, while you are worrying about your weight, there are other people who worry about where the next meal is coming from. So our next tip on how to feel good about your body is to be grateful for the health and the wonderful body that you have, because some people would love to have it!

6. Surround yourself with positive people

Being with other people can help you feel more positive about yourself. So another tip on how to feel good about your body is to surround yourself with supportive and positive friends and you will find that they don’t even notice the things about your body that you are worrying about. There are so many more important things about a person than just how they look or how big or small their breasts are.

7. Everyone around you has their imperfections too

There really is no such thing as the perfect body. To prove that to yourself, just think about the people in your life that you have loved and cared for. We’ll bet that some of them had things about their bodies that they didn’t like either, but that didn’t stop you loving them, did it?

8. Don’t forget all the wonderful things that your body does for you

Your body is an amazing piece of engineering that nature has put together for you. You walk, you talk, you see, hear and smell and you can enjoy food, drink and the sheer pleasure of being alive. When you think just how amazing the human body is, what’s not to love about yours?

9. Look at yourself as a whole

Another great tip on how to feel good about your body is to look at yourself as a whole. What makes you who you are, is not just one thing about your body, it’s your personality, other features of your body and who you are on the inside. You are a complete package made up of many parts, so if just one of those parts is not quite as you’d like it, forget about it, because the rest of you is great!

10. Accept who you are

Accept who you are and stop trying to change things that you can’t change. There are people who are constantly on a diet and there are people, who spend thousands of dollars on cosmetic surgery, but they still don’t change who they are and many of them are never satisfied. You’d never be so harsh with anyone else, so accept what God gave you as a body and start to love it. Once you accept it, you won’t have to struggle with body image ever again.

How to feel good about your body? What are your tips?

Stay happy!


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