10 Types Of People You Might Have Met In Shoprite And You Probably Didn’t Know!!


Below is the list of the categories of people you must have come across in Nigeria’s popular shopping outfit Shoprite and you probably didn’t you did meet them.

1.The Picture Crew: These set of people only come to shoprite to snap pictures and take selfies with friends, and they end up buying little things too like the petty shoppers.

2.The Petty Shoppers: These set of people usually come to to buy little things that can be bought from a kiosk in the streets, things like blueband butter, coke, bread, biscuits, pampers, always(the girls dem lol)etc. They can be annoying sometimes.

3.The Pricer: These set of people walks into the showrooms pricing every tabs,tv,electronics, and they might end up not buying anything.

4.The Excessive Shoppers: These set of people (I belong here too, in the future sha) will buy everything they see and you’ll think they might end buying everything in the mall.

5.The Parole Finders: These set of people are usually dressed up and looking cool, handsome, or beautiful as the case may be, but their sole aim is to find a date,spouse,or Se.xxmate. And they always end up buying little things too (petty shoppers everywhere SMH)

6.The We Don’t Joke Around Crew: These set of people don’t even talk to anybody, they just walking (very fast) grab a basket, move around, pick things, join the queue, pay and get out that’s all.

7.The KFC Flaunts: You’ll see these people sitted on the KFC table with a bottle of sprite for a couple hours, faking phone calls and forming busy (busy doing nothing). Bros stand and go to your house. Lol

8.The Family Crew: These family sweeps the entire walkway with their whole family, shouting and stepping on people toes. You’ll find them mostly in Akure and Ibadan Shoprite. Hehehe

9.The Spectators: (I belong here lol) We don’t usually have any specific reason for coming, we just stroll around for sometime showing off our clothes and shoes and we might end up joining the picture crew. Lol

10.The Kids And Their Mothers: Mostly spotted in Akure, each time you see them, they are always shouting at their kids not to touch anything, not to wander away. And they end up buying little things like bread and biscuits.

Last but not the last…

The Call And Chatting Crew: These set of people don’t buy anything also like the spectators, they just wander about texting and receiving phone calls, smiling as if they just won a contract and they might end up like the picture crew too.



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