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10 Unbelievable Things Men Find Attractive in a Woman

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1. Seeing her undone (hell yeah !)

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While most men appreciate when women make the effort to look gorgeous through doing the makeup, dressing nice or fixing the hair, they find it attractive if they see her a mess as well. A lot of guys tell that this helps them know a woman better. They get to see her behind the nice clothes and makeup up.

2. Her accent
Almost every woman is embarrassed by her accent. I didn’t like my accent but I’ve learned to embrace it over the few years. The great news is that men like a woman’s accent and find it really attractive. No matter if you have an accent from the inner city or the south, it can be attractive to your man. I’m sure your accent is nice to listen to, so make sure you embrace it.

3. Seeing her afraid
Another weird thing men find attractive in a woman is fear. I thought it was terrible when I first read about it. A man wanted his woman to be afraid? This was the first question that had crossed my mind. However, then I realized why men find fear attractive. The thing is, a man doesn’t want to wish deep fear on a woman but when he sees her a bit scared, it gives him the chance to comfort her and show he is a real man.

4. Stretch marks (hian !!)
If you’ve had children by your man, you don’t have to worry about stretch marks. Although most women are not happy about stretch marks, most men, including your partner, love them. Stretch marks remind your man of the fact you carried his child. Trust me, he really appreciates it.

5. Camo (huh?)

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Some guys find camo attractive on girls because it means she could be his best hunting buddy. But it doesn’t mean that you should wear camo every single day. Even though men find camo attractive on a woman, they still love cute dresses and nice skirt. Feminity is still important.

6. Glasses ( I feel like Honesty will relate with this..lolz)


Guys love to see girls in glasses and it’s true. My sweetheart has always told me that he liked to see me in glasses and my sister’s partner feels the same way. If men find a woman that wears glasses attractive, why not throw away those contact lenses? I think this is wonderful news for girls who wear glasses every day.

7. Watching her apply makeup (weird indeed)
Did you know your guy likes watching you apply your makeup? It amazes him how precisely you can do this. Guys also seem to be astonished that every girl has her own style with the makeup. So, ladies, feel free to check your makeup in front of your man.

8. Her towel head (really?)

One of the strangest things that most men find extremely attractive in his woman is when she washes her hair. They say that a wet hair look, especially if the hair is long, and the towel head is turn on for them. Well, it’s weird, but who knows maybe your sweetheart also loves your towel head.

9. When she works out


Men love it when a woman works out. That tired look and the sweaty feeling attract most men instantly. Perhaps you don’t find it attractive, but your man won’t want to miss this look. So don’t be afraid to work out in front of your partner. The best option is to work out together.

10. In his shirt

Rita Dominic Shirt Dress

The weird thing that men find attractive in a woman is when she’s dressed untidily in his favorite shirt. To most men, it’s a really designer look. From personal experience I can say that my man loves when I wear his shirts.

Credits:, Lailasblog

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