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A comprehensive value of the Nigerian art and culture gives you a glimpse of the beautiful stone carvings, potteries, wood carvings and different form of glass work. The bronze work of Igbo-ukuw which lies in Enugu state stands as the highest of the ancient works of Nigeria art. The Igbo- ukuw bronze works with beautiful and amazing designs, are well known as well as Ifa works, while famous places like Osogbo, Benin, Oyo and Akwa are regarded as the hub of wood carving. Wood carvers have flourished all over the southern part of Nigeria long ago, making different types of figures for shrines, representation of spiritual image of earth, sky, sea, water, fire, thunder and so on. art2Excavations of pottery received great attention with the tireless effort of Dr. Ladi Kwali, who promoted her works through the European countries and widely propell the art of pottery making in Nigeria. The major centers of pottery making in Nigeria are, Okigwe in Imo state and Suleja situated in Niger state.
Nigerian artists mostly derive their inspiration from every aspect of their culture and the environment around them, including the activities of the people in both rural and urban dwellings. Nigerian art works have been ranked as one of the best in Africa and the entire world, because of its beauty, quality and the messages they pass.
Another prominent craft work of Nigeria is cloth weaving. The Yoruba use a shrub to create indigo-colored batik-dyed cloth. Women in Southern Nigeria are popularly known for cloth weaving or textile making, while this is mostly done by men in Northern Nigeria. The popular cloth weaving centers in Nigeria are Abia state, Oyo state, Oshogbo, Ife and Okene in Kogi state.
The Nigerian government of today is encouraging and promoting arts in every part of the country to retain and promote the culture and traditions of Nigeria.

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