5 Must-See Museums in Nigeria

Want to enhance your vacation in Nigeria? Visit some of Nigeria’s world-class museums and discover the ancient wonders and artefacts. Nigeria is filled with history, art and culture and the best place to experience them is in these museums. You can visit into any of these museums for a quick burst of culture and entertainment.

Here are five must-see museums in Nigeria:

1. Nigerian National Museum, Lagos

Nigerian National Museum, Lagos

Founded in 1957, the Nigerian National Museum has a remarkable collection of Nigerian arts, cultures, archeological and ethnographic exhibits. There you will find pieces of carvings, historical statues and monuments. The museum is located in Onikan, Lagos. The museum is a must-see and even if you have already been there, it definitely worth a second visit.

2. Jos Museum

Jos Museum was founded in 1952 and it is situated near the Jos Zoo in the heart of the city.  If you want to learn more about the prehistoric culture of Nigeria, you need to visit Jos Museum. The museum offers collections such as Nok terracotta heads – sculptures dating as far back as 500 B. C. You will also find a collection of finely crafted pottery in the Pottery Hall inside the museum. Other collections displayed are mining exhibitions of the olden days. The unique exhibits in the museum will definitely add to your vacation experience and leave you enchanted.


3. National War Museum, Umuahia

National War Museum     Photo Source:

Nominated among the seven wonders for tourists in Nigeria, the National War Museum is an great tourist attraction located in Umuahia, Abia State. The museum comprises of the Armed Forces gallery, the civil war gallery and the traditional warfare gallery. There you will find Ojukwu Bunker, Nigeria civil war weapons, materials related to Niger Delta conflicts, Aba Women Riot and Enugu Coal Miner Riots, and other relics such as local bombs also known as Ogbungwe. The War Museum is a dingy reminder of the evils of war. Visit the War Museum and re-experience the dark days of Civil War through observation. You will discover the impact of war and conflicts on Nigeria’s history and reputation in this museum.

4. National Museum, Benin City

National Museum, Benin

This museum is located in the heart of the city, around the King’s square. Founded in 1973, The National Museum in Benin has a notable collection of intrinsic artworks such as bronze sculptures, terracotta, cast iron pieces that represents stones of the Old Benin Empire. The museum exhibits great Benin artworks that reveal the history and culture of Benin. You’ll leave the Benin Museum with a great understanding of the Benin Culture and history of Benin Kingship.

5. National Museum, Kaduna

Located in Kaduna, the National Museum offers collection of many archaeological and ethnographic artefacts such as terracotta statuettes and Benin bronzes. You will also find a traditional craft village located within the Museum premises, where you will see creative art crafts and even watch craftsmen at work. You will definitely enjoy this ever-changing craft exhibition that will leave you inspired and give you creativity zeal.

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