How To Know You Have Mouth Odour

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Bad breath is embarrassing. You open your mouth to speak and everybody close by starts looking away, some even find an excuse to walk away. Nobody likes mouth odour.

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Some people have bad breath and they don’t even know it. It’s easy to walk around with bad breath until a brave friend–or, worse, a crush tells you of how badly the air stinks once you open your mouth. Why not find out for yourself today if you have bad breath.

How to find out if you have mouth odour:

1. Smelling your breath

You can smell your breath by covering your mouth and nose with both of your hands, so it forms a sort of cup, then exhaling air from your mouth into the cup and quickly inhaling the hot breath through your nose.

2. Visiting a Dentist for a Halimeter test

A halimeter test is one of the best ways to check for bad breath. A halimeter is an instrument that accurately measures the concentration of sulfide molecules in the breath and saliva. The Halimeter—a machine that tells you things even best friends may not.

3. Wrist test

You can perform this test on yourself. To do this test, you need to lick the inside of your wrist. Wait 5-10 seconds for the saliva to dry. Smell the inside of your wrist where the saliva has dried.

4. Ask a friend

It may cost you your ego, nut there’s nothing wrong in asking a close friend ‘Does my mouth stink? ‘ . Save yourself the embarrassment of walking around with mouth odour, ask a friend.


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