How to Use VISA Card Online

PNC SmartAccess EMV

There are so many payment portal, everyone is also desiring to go online. If you want to buy from an online retailer with your visa card we are going to take you through with few steps.

Before I told how to work with master card. Now this will be interesting becasue you can also buy airtime with your visa card. Instead of letting the recharge boy run away with your one thousand naira, buy the cards online with your card.


The folow simple giude will show you how to use your visa card to purchase and make transaction online

Get a VISA Card from any Nigerian bank.

Activate the ATM Card using the ATM machine, make sure you follow the direction as stated by the bank

Once you card is activated (that should take about 24 hours, depending on some banks)

Please Note the above steps are for those get a new ATM Card.

Take the ATM card again to the machine and slot it in

Type in your pass code

Make  Request for an IPIN

This the pin that you will be prompted to provide when using visa card online.

IPIN – Internet Personal Identification Number

Once you are the page to make the purchase, you are expected to insert you pan number that is the longest number on you atm card

Choose the expiry date, type in your name, then the page will load asking you for the IPIN, once it is inserted, your order will be accepted and your charge will be deducted from your bank account.


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