How To Tell If Your Partner Is Lying To You

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Former FBI agent reveals the signs to look for.

Some lies can be harmless, others can destroy relationships or whole families . Whether you want to work out if your partner has been unfaithful or if your dad has eaten the last biscuit in the jar, there are ways you can tell.

According to a former FBI agent, there are certain facial cues which give away if someone is telling the truth or not.

Mark Bouton wrote on a website : “I was an FBI agent for 30 years and observed criminals’ behaviour when they lied.

“I’ve also researched extensively about body language, facial expressions and verbal indicators of lying.”

He goes on to explain that some reactions are caused by nervousness and some by chemical reactions in the body.

According to Bouton, if you observe someone showing more than one of the actions below, “you can be sure they are quite likely lying to you.”

The signs

A chemical reaction causes people’s face to itch when they lie. If they touch their nose or cheek or rub their finger under their nose, those are indicators.

The mouth goes dry and you can see their reaction to that.

Excess mucus is produced, so they will either cough several times or clear their throat a few times.

 They may chew on their lip.
 Their eyes may dart from left to right, back and forth.
 If they blink several times in a row, faster than the normal blink rate of once every ten or twelve seconds, they’re most likely lying.
 There are other facial indicators and a good many body movements and ways people talk to you that are helpful to know about along these lines.

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