How Ogbono Soup Can Help You Lose Weight

ogbono soup

As awareness grows on the effect of obesity, proper nutrition is becoming a priority in most kitchens. Eating generally is almost becoming a forbidden act in obese individual.

Ogbono seed

Who says we cannot stay healthy while enjoying tasting delicacy pots of stew made of the finest ogbono nut and still prevent the accumulation of fat. Ogbono soup is a Nigerian dish made with ground ogbono seeds, with considerable local variation. Besides the seeds, water, and oil, it typically contains leaf vegetables, other vegetables, seasonings, and meat.

Ogbono nut is also known as African mango, wild mango bush mango, dika fruit, bread tree, and irvingia gabonesisis. It is valued for its nutritious, mango-like fruit and for its seeds, which are called ogbono or dika nuts. Irvingia nuts are high in fiber and mucilage, which makes them an effective thickening agent when used in dried form. This property probably also accounts for some of irvingia’s advertised health benefits.

Research has proved that when sufficient amounts of irvingia seed extract are ingested, they bind bile acids in the gut, which encourages the body to convert more cholesterol to bile acids. This helps to lower total serum cholesterol levels. Ostensibly, regular consumption of irvingia seed extract not only lowers total cholesterol; it lowers LDL cholesterol and triglyceride levels and raises HDL levels as well.

In this respect, irvingia resembles many other soluble dietary fibers. Every individual has the presence of leptin hormone. It is a hormone that tells the brain when the stomach is full – but obese individuals usually exhibit a resistance to leptin’s appetite-suppressing effects, that is it suppresses hunger. This may be in part to high circulating levels of C- reactive protein (CRP) in obese persons; CRP binds to leptin, rendering it less effective. Irvingia appears to lower CRP.
Thereby enhancing the activity of circulating leptin. Irvingia seed extract can also control blood sugar level. A person’s serum glucose level typically rises following a meal as nutrients from the meal are absorbed. Irvingia’s “bulking” effect slows gastric emptying, thus inhibiting the rise of glucose. This property might prove beneficial for individuals with conditions where glucose metabolism is perturbed diabetics or hypoglycemics.

Irvingia’s proponents claim that it raises serum adiponectin activity. Adiponectin is a hormone that increases the cells’ sensitivity to insulin and improves glucose and fat metabolism. Many obese individuals have low levels of adiponectin, and increasing those levels is purported to improve insulin sensitivity and hasten weight loss. Irvingia supposedly up-regulates peroxisome proliferator-activited receptor; PPAR gamma’s activity and improves glucose and fat metabolism.

Ogbono soup

Preparation method
– 1kg assorted meats (oxtail, tripe Pomo &bush meat)
– 450g ground Ogbono seed
– 225g ground crayfish- 25g ground pepper
– 25g iru- 1 medium onion
– 290ml palm oil 3pt stock or water
– Salt

a)Wash the assorted meats thoroughly and place in a pot.

b) Add the sliced onions, galic, ground chilies and some stock or water. Cooked for 30 minutes

c)Add the washed smoked fish and stockfish, cooked a further 10-15 minutes adding a drop of water or stock as needed to stop it from burning.

d) In another pot, heat the oil and fry the ground seeds for 3 minutes to bring out the nutty flavour.

e) Gradually add the stock and whisk until it draw and bubbles.

f) Add the cooked meats peppers and crayfish.

g) Dissolve the locust bean in a little stock and add to the soup. Allow to simmer for another 10 minutes, check seasoning and serve hot with pounded yam.

1. Ogbono soup with bitter leaf 225g; wash the bitter leaf add to the main recipes.
2. Ogbono soup with ugwu 500g; shred ugwu leaves add to the main recipe.
3. Ogbono soup with igbo 225g; wash the igbo leaves add to the main recipe.
4. Ogbono soup with water leaf 500g; was the waterleaf add it to the main recipe.


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