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I Have Lost Count Of Men Who Want Me – Jaiye Kuti


Jaiye Kuti is a household name in Nollywood especially in popular family sitcoms like Face2Face among others.

 “I have this physique of an African woman, and when you have this physique of an African woman, believe me it is the hottest in the world. We call it figure 8. When the woman has a pretty face, then you have got everything in place, in right places; the front, you have got the future; the back, you know what I mean and above all you are friendly. That makes you a hot figure and irresistible for the opposite sex and I think I have got all these”, that is Jaiye Kuti for you in a chance encounter with the beautiful actress.

As a beautiful woman, how do you handle your male admirers?

You can’t run away from your admirers even when you are not beautiful. The ugliest woman also has a man there you will see people asking how the man got to marry her and he is so handsome. When you see the woman, you will start wondering if the man married a monkey or what. The thing is, for every woman there are a million men to appreciate or admire her. Because the way God created women is for men to appreciate them; so I have lost the count of men who say they want me. Some will even say they want to take me away from my husband and whatever it will cost them they don’t care. They will tell me is it not money, that they know that my husband is rich.


What about people in high places?

I don’t know o, I have never been approached or spoken to either by governors, senators or commissioners; at least people of high caliber. But what I do is to give them my phone number; I have a special number I give to such people.

Why not the number that people knows you with or are you afraid that your husband might catch up with you?

I am not afraid; my phone is available even to my children. I have two lines. I cannot go out with 2 or 3 phones. My husband knows what I do; the two of us read my script together. My husband once told me that he does not like Yoruba movies because they don’t act romantic roles, well that I should try and change it.

That they are not real?

It is not real, that how can you say you are a wife to somebody and you are far from the person? He saw me in one movie in a romantic role and he asked, “Is that my wife?” “What is that man doing with my wife?” And he was just joking about it.”


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