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Chronology Of Olubadan Through The Ages

The Olubadan simply translates to “Lord of Ibadan”, it is the royal title of the king of Ibadan land in Oyo state.

Oba Samuel Odulana Odungade I (2007–2016)

It takes decades before anyone can attain the height of an Olubadan. Prospects are taken through stages of chieftaincy promotion.

By 1850 they had established their unusual succession principle, which is quite different compared with other traditional Yoruba rulers in that it alternates between two lines.

Previous rulers of Ibadan were generally referred to as Baale until 1936, when the title of Olubadan was revived.

The Olubadan exudes great power, to depose or peg a chief, irrespective of the person’s position on the chieftaincy line.

He has the authority to promote high chiefs on the lower cadre and place them above a high chief whose position was pegged.

The Olubadan is still an influential figure,  although the role is now largely symbolic. On the political scene, the monarch’s voice is highly respected.

Below is a chronological list of all Olubadan of Ibadan through the ages.

Ba’ale Oluyedun

Ba’ale Lakanle

Bashorun Oluyole 1850

Ba’ale Oderinlo 1850

Ba’ale Oyeshile Olugbode 1851–1864

Ba’ale Ibikunle 1864 (He was to be installed but died before ascending the throne)

Bashorun Ogunmola 1865–1867

Ba’ale Akere I 1867–1870

Ba’ale Orowusi 1870–1871

Are Ona Kakanfo Obadoke Latosa 1871–1885

Ba’ale Ajayi Osungbekun 1885–1893

Ba’ale Fijabi I 1893–1895

Ba’ale Oshuntoki 1895–1897

Ba’ale Fajinmi 1897–1902

Ba’ale Mosaderin 1902–1904

Ba’ale Dada Opadare 1904–1907

Ba’ale Sunmonu Apampa 1907–1910

Ba’ale Akintayo Awanibaku Elenpe 1910–1912

Ba’ale Irefin 1912–1914

Ba’ale Shittu Latosa (son of Are Latosa) 1914–1925

Ba’ale Oyewole Foko 1925–1929

Olubadan Okunola Abass 1930–1946

Olubadan Akere I 1946

Olubadan Oyetunde I 1946

Olubadan Akintunde Bioku 1947–1948

Olubadan Fijabi II 1948–1952

Olubadan Alli Iwo 1952

Olubadan Apete 1952–1955

Oba Isaac Babalola Akinyele 1955–1964

Oba Yesufu Kobiowu July 1964 – December 1964

Oba Salawu Akanni Aminu 1965–1971

Oba Shittu Akintola Oyetunde II 1971–1976

Oba Gbadamosi Akanbi Adebimpe 1976–1977

Oba Daniel ‘Tayo Akinbiyi 1977–1982

Oba Yesufu Oloyede Asanike I 1982–1994

Oba Emmanuel Adegboyega Operinde I (1994–1999)

Oba Yunusa Ogundipe Arapasowu I (1999–2007)

Oba Samuel Odulana Odungade I (2007–2016)

Oba Odunlana passed on in the late hours of Tuesday, January 19, he was aged 101-years. Following his death, tradition demands that the highest ranked chief of Ibadan takes his place. Thus the next in line to the Ibadan royal stool is High Chief Saliu Adetunji.


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