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11 Major Things That Happened While You Are Away – APC Chieftain Writes Open Letter To Buhari


Barrister Franc Utoo, a foremost Benue-born social activist and All Progressives Congress (APC) chieftain has written a comprehensive open letter to President Muhammadu Buhari.

Utoo informed the president of 11 things that happened while he was on medical vacation in London.

He called on Buhari to sack some of his aides, accusing them of not been loyal to his administration.

He also tasked the president to unite the nation, stressing that there is so much division in the country at the moment.

See the 11 main issues raised by Utoo in the letter below:

1. Mr President, while you were away, your vice, Professor Yemi Osinbajo weathered the storm created by your absence. He held sway to the admiration of Nigerians. He showed deep seated commitment to your cause and exhibited real loyalty. Not the adulterated version of loyalty in this part of the world: that one has to be loyal to a leader no matter how wrong or right he is going, But the truest type of political loyalty which is devotion to, and identification with, a political cause or a political community, its institutions, basic laws, major political ideas, and general policy objectives.

2. Nevertheless, while you were away, the “jackals and hyenas” attempted to form a parallel government. They undermined the presidency led by the acting president. They stunted our growth due to their selfishness. They delayed the implementation of the 2017 budget and sundry state matters.

3. On a general note, while you were away, we witnessed a resurgence of Boko haram killings and abductions. Currently, some UNIMAID lecturers and women are in their custody. IPOB and Nnamdi Kanu has grown hydra headed. Some Northern miscreants (exactly what they are) issued a quit notice to the Igbos in the north. Meaning, my good friends like Barr. Basil Ude (Marshal Prince), Collins ‘Maestro’ Uma, Dr. Chike Amobi, Chukwudifu Chuboy Mbamali, Dike Chukwumerije, Micheal Malachy Fbi, Akah Chukwunonso Emmanuel, Darlington Onyekwere, Helen Akunwata Chukwu, et al, would be forced to relocate to the East of the Niger by October. Yet no agency of government deemed it fit to prosecute these felons. The armed herdsmen kept striking in many communities without arrest, and Abuja and many major cities are steadily turning to grazing reserves without checks.

4. Sir, while you were away, I was abducted and later arraigned for politically intimidating reasons by some so – called leaders of our party – the APC. Even under the worst days of the PDP, there was no record that any head of their party had caused the arraignment of a staunch stakeholder for politically differing reasons and for criticising their malfeasance. Never. Also, APC lost National Assembly elections in Osun and your state of Katsina. This is an opinion poll on the current measure of our party.


5. While you were away, the biggest bill that would generate thousands of employment and take many youths off the street was finally passed by the National Assembly, amongst many other bills. It is the bill for the establishment of the Nigerian Peace Corps led by the inimitable and indomitable patriot, Dr Dickson Akoh. The other equally important bill already passed is the #NotTooYoungToRun spurred by a movement led by my friend and immediate predecessor as the president of the Student Representative Council of the Nigerian Law School, Abuja (2012), Samson Itodo. I pray you assent to them without hesitation.

6. Charlie Boy and his supporters led a match tagged: #ReturnOrResign, while you were away. Even though some of us disagreed with their approach, we recognised their fundamental rights to dissent (unlike what many of your overzealous supporters think). The altercation in Wuse market was bad and akin to the attack in Charlottsville, Virginia. We have to learn to tolerate opposing views within the realm of democratic tenets.

7. Sir, while you were away, another tranche of Paris Club refund was released. States are still owing workers and pensioners. Insecurity in some states like mine are worsening due to desperate preparations for 2019 that is still in the bosom of the Lord. Naira is still weak against other currencies. Poverty is still rife. Suic*de rates are high. Kidnappings still persists despite the gallant efforts of ACP Abba Kyari and his team. Ali Modu Sheriff has been silenced by the Supreme Court and PDP is trying to bounce back. Ritual killings have also taken a new dimension. School fees and rent are still sky rocketing while salaries remain very low and irregular.

8. Your Excellency, now that you are back, we expect you to immediately call for the holistic implementation of the 2017 budget and table the 2018 budget before the National Assembly by October; sign the Nigerian Peace Corps Bill, that on #NotTooYoungToRun and other bills on your desk; find a political solution to the IPOB demands rather than legal and coercive sticks; Warn the herdsmen to respect the laws of states with anti -open grazing laws; protect the lives and promote the welfare of Nigerians; Listen to those who ask that we (as a country and people) should sit down and talk!

9. Now that you’re back, sir, many Nigerians expect Governor Ayo Fayose to live up to his words and commit suic*de. But if he adopts me as his lawyer I’d find the easiest way out for him: suic*de is illegal and sinful. Forgive those who wish you ill and dead. Reprimand those who took advantage of your ill health. Get off some of your aides who have turned to monsters and are used to deceit. The Bible says in Proverbs 29:12 – “If a ruler pays attention to liars, all his advisers will be wicked.” Find the fastest way out for those non – performers in your government.

10. Now that you’re back, avoid the voice of those who are calling on you to run for 2019. Please, give your health maximum attention. Some of us are close to your family members and would always wish them well. Prepare and mentor leaders who will take over from you and continue with your ideals and values. Nigeria is not short of ready protégés, including my humble self. Sir, with your recent experience in England, please endeavour to finally make health care affordable, sophisticated and available to every single Nigerian, the same way you enjoyed it in the United Kingdom. It is possible!

11. Finally, my president, now that you are back, very importantly, please bring the country together and unite the people. There is so much polarity in the polity and disunity in the land. There is so much disaffection. So much suspicion and bickering. Our politics have become petty, partisan and poisoned. But in truth, we are not as divided as our politics and differences suggests. We are a great people with love in our hearts and with an intense fear of God. The average among us remain our brothers keepers. We are one people, pledging allegiance to the same Constitution and respecting the green colours exemplified on our passports and national flag. We are ready to always stand in brotherhood, as rhymed by our national anthem. We are ready! Lead us to greatness again!


Written by nigeriahow

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