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11 Signs It’s Time To Throw Those Bras Away


Good bra work wonders, it tucks you in and lifts you in all the right places. Knowing how to wash and care for your bra’s properly can make them last longer but how long is too long? There would come a time when your bra makes don’t perform the way they are supposed to especially if you are the type that has kept them for long.

Here are 11 signs to show that you need to replace your bra

1.When the cup of the bra begins to look very very WEIRD.

2. When there’s a terrible smell around the underarm that just refuses to go away no matter how hard you try.

3. When you can feel metal digging into your skin, from places in the bra you never knew metals existed.

4. When your strapless bra begins to loose its strap (it constantly drops to your waist).

5. If you would be embarrassed when someone goes through your bra drawer.

6. When the one or two of the hook and eye closures have been bitten away by your dog or are nowhere        to be found.

7. When there are weird fat bulges and holes around the lace.

8. When you constantly have to re-adjust the length of your strap because it keeps dropping to your            elbow.

9. When you can see read marks/indention on your skin after wearing the bra all day (obviously that’s a    sign that its now too tight).

10. When the fabric used to be dark pink now its a white washed pink.

11. When the you are uncomfortable and you find out after a quick peek in the bathroom that the straps have bruised your skin.


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