11 Types of Men you should avoid


Dating in general is not the easiest task on the planet no matter how easy it may seem. It takes the effort of both parties to make it worth the try. When it is not happening the way it is supposed to, things go wrong. The truth is, most of the time when we have issues when dating, the signs would have been there earlier but we chose to overlook it. This is because most people have the mentality that you can change the person over a period of time. This is wrong. These article is to give you an idea of the type of men to avoid before it gets too late.

1. The controlling kind: Sometimes, the controlling type of men might not be the best people to date. It may look all rosy at the beginning and you may try to overlook it, the signs that the guy you are dating might appear to be controlling or let’s use the word, power hungry. He always wants to be the one in charge of everything and not even wanting to give you a chance to voice your own opinions, then you might have to run from this one.

2. The anger management kind: I used anger-management because that is exactly what he needs to calm himself down and be slow to anger. Everyone knows how annoying women can be. We know that sometimes, it is best to let the woman win and just avoid any further arguments. Instead, he gets upset at every little thing you say. That relationship will not work because he has a million and one days to put up with you. If he can’t, let him step away and you move onto the next one.
3. The violent kind: Violence is the number one marriage wrecker. If he ever tries to throw something at you, let alone, hit you, then he is violent. Do not be deceived that he was overwhelmed with anger. No reasonable person wants to hurt their loved ones. Especially for the ladies who think their man hits them because he loves them, well one day, he will kill you so run. Run as fast as you can before it’s too late.

4. The nagging kind: There are so many men who nag and it’s very unattractive. Ladies, kindly avoid this type of men.

5. The malicious kind: Men in general are not supposed to have this trait. This is another unattractive trait that men should never display. If your man keeps malice with you, then I do not understand why he is still in your life.

6. The negative kind: This type are very bad for our health. You do not want anyone who has only negative comments about things all the time. It is never about the positive things that he can do. You have this great business idea and you are so excited to tell him but all he does it asks you what happens if it doesn’t work. Always negative. Anytime he does this, ask yourself why the other person who did it succeeded, afterall, the individual does not have two heads. Say bye to every form of negativity in your life.

7. The demeaning kind: This type always bring you down in everything. They always make you feel like you are not good enough. Nothing is ever good enough for him. This is called emotional violence. It is even worse than physical violence because it makes you feel worthless. If you think these traits are present in your man, dump him to look for his kind.

8. The vain kind: Now, these type of men are more concerned about how they look and what people think about them. They would outshine you when both of you are attending an event together. A regular guy would want the woman to be beautiful not really keeping in mind how he might look. Don’t get it twisted; he would look nice too but these are the selfish kinds who put themselves first before you. You don’t really want to end up with this type of person.

9. The flirtatious kind: These are the types that love to flirt with other women not paying mind if you are present or not. They always love to be around the ladies and can also be described as the ladies’ man. A man should have eyes for just his girl when she is there. It is disrespectful flirting with other ladies in the presence of your girlfriend. These ones are up to no good. Just walk away!

10. The mama’s boys: There is nothing more unattractive than a man who runs to his mother at every little thing that happens to them. These ones cannot take decisions by himself. He is obviously not independent. If you end up with these ones, their moms would be the people dictating your relationship.

11. The Insecure kind: Insecurity in relationships is a terrible thing. Insecure men will look for every excuse to doubt your words, actions, intentions. Such men will flair up at every call, the beep of your phone or a message. You can never have male friends or associates and it can be difficult to grow a steady relationship when your man is insecure.

Although no one is perfect and there is no rule book in relationships, but these are a few things you might want to avoid before it’s too late.

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