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11 Ways Suitors Have ‘Toasted’ Zahra Buhari On Twitter

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President Buhari’s daughter is one of the most sought after ladies since her dad emerged president of the country. Easily, people opt for prestige, status, beauty and class when it comes to picking a partner. This made Zahra Buhari an easy target for single guys that recognized her priceless beauty when they saw her pictures on twitter.

Not a dulling moment going through how these guys have professed their love for her. Some even took it further to ask her hand in marriage. The toasting for this young lady is not easy at all. Check out the hilarious toasting that went down on twitter for Zahra Buhari.

1. Betrayal of a son, all for Zahra


2. Intense admirer

zarha 2

3. It’s going down in the DM

zahra 2

4. This one has lyrics

zahra 3

5. Just dropping sweet messages

zahra 4

6. Just being honest in a toasting manner

zahra 5

7. Smooth operator

zahra 6

8. sharp shooter

zahra 8

9. He’s not even playing with her o

zahra 9

10. if wishes always came through

zahra 10

11. Love confession

zarha 1


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