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12 Facts About Nigeria You Have Never Read Or Heard About Before


What are some facts about Nigeria you have probably not read before? You might have read a lot about Nigeria, but you probably have not seen any of these:

1. The oldest water works in Africa was found in Nigeria.

2. Nigerians have the highest number of PhD’s of any sub group in the United States.

3. Nigeria has the highest number of twins in any country.

4. Nigeria is the fastest growing market for private jets after China.

5. Nigeria is the fifth fastest growing internet population in the world.

6. The oldest iron works in sub Saharan Africa were smelted in what is today Nigeria. These folks, the ancestors of modern day Nigerians made a mysterious and unparalleled transience from the Neolithic to the Iron Age, bypassing a bronze age, how they did it is still not known.

7. The Nok culture is the oldest known Iron making culture in sub Saharan Africa, this culture dating from between 1 000 BC to 500 BC, independently worked iron, domesticated the horse, continued for some time and then mysteriously vanished.

8. The Dufuna canoe is the second oldest water going vessel ever unearthed and the oldest in Africa, it is between 8 000 to 8 500 years old and was uncovered in Northern Nigeria.

9. Nigerian news station NTA was the first opened by Black Africans.

10. Nigeria is home to the single largest monument in Africa (Sungbo’s Eredo), which is also the largest city of the medieval world. It took over a million more man hours to build than the great pyramid of Giza.

11. Nigeria has over a million applicants for University places every year, only 30% get admissions and there are only 122 universities to serve them.

12. The first Black African to win gold at the Commonwealth games and at an international sports event was Emmanuel Ifeajuna, a Nigerian high-jumper. He broke all records of the time by clearing a height of 6ft and 8in.


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