12 Most Inspiring Quotes By Clarice Lispector

Though born to a Lithuanian Jewish family in Ukraine as Chaya Lispector, Clarice Lispector shot to fame in Brazil, where she spent most of her young years. Hailed as the master of experimental language, Lispector inserted intense emotion into her works and innovated both the short story and the novel. We dive in and bring you 12 of her most inspiring – and inspired – quotes.

Clarice Lispector Quotes

I write without the hope that what I write can change anything at all. It changes nothing … Because at the end of the day we’re not trying to change things. We’re trying to open up somehow.

The Paris Review Interview
Clarice Lispector Quotes

When I communicate with a child it is easy because I am very maternal. When I’m communicating with an adult I’m actually communicating with the most secret part of myself. And that’s when it gets difficult.

Conversational Reading Interview

I am not a professional. I only write when I want to. I am an amateur and insist on staying that way. A professional has a personal commitment to writing. Or a commitment to someone else to write. As for me… I insist on not being a professional to keep my freedom.

Conversational Reading Interview
Clarice Lispector Quotes

Everything I say the biggest nonsense is considered something lovely or something stupid all just because I am a writer. Thats why I’m not so interested in all this about being a writer.

Conversational Reading Interview
Clarice Lispector Quotes

I write because I find in it a pleasure that I don’t know how to translate. I’m not pretentious. I write for myself, to hear my soul talking and singing, sometimes crying.

Extract from Why This World
Clarice Lispector Quotes

I have periods in which I produce intensively and periods—hiatuses—in which life becomes intolerable.



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