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12 Things You Must Do Before You Clock 25

free lady

At the age of 25 you are young, possibly single and free. Make this moment about you, before kids and your life-mate comes by. Find yourself before your mom starts asking you about your romance life or telling you of stories of how your neighbours daughter brought a young looking man!

Make sure you follow your dreams and enjoy yourself in the process because you only have one life to live.

1. Learn a different language.


 Yes, that makes you cool.

 2. Go fishing.

Go to places like Epe, CMS you’d be surprised.

3. Take an interstate train ride.

17 things every young Nigerian should do before 25

Eg. from Lagos to Osogbo or Lagos to northern Nigeria.

4. Take a Keke Marwa

Keke MarwaJust because a friend told me she has never taken a Keke marwa.

 5. Go to the cinema on your own.

Yes, you really don’t always need to go to the cinemas with boo or bae. You can see a movie and meet exciting new people

6. Go on a road trip.

Road Trip

Plan a road trip with friends, no planes just cars, trucks, camels, bikes etc

7. Take your parents out

Depending on what they like or what they used to like, surprise them and take them out on an outing.

8. Start exercise routine

Note: Exercises are not only for fat people trying to loosing weight, it is meant to make you fit.

9. Start a healthy eating routine

Eat healthy

You can actualize this goal of eating healthy!

 10. Take free online courses

Online courses
Develop yourself without paying a dime… well maybe only your data

11. Do a total body scan

Full body scanFull body scan. Yes, it is best to remain healthy.

12. Add something else you would love to do!

And if you are above 25, its just number, either assume you are 25 again or set another age for yourself.


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