The 12 Times World’s Superstar Celebrities Went Drunk!! – These Photos Will Leave You In Stitches!!!

You know many people out there have had their fair share of drinking nights that are full of activities, and more importantly photos, they wish they could wipe from their memory. This becomes even worse if you’re a celebrity and anytime you head out to the club to get your drink on, you know the paparazzi are going to be quick to follow. Not to mention that money is probably not a factor for you, and even if it was, you’re probably getting paid to be there or drinking for free!

Below we have 12 celebrities that belong in the drunk hall of fame.

Of these candidates, over at least 11 of them have more than one of their partying nights captured on camera, and one celebrity even earned two entries (can you guess which one?) There’s even one party event that saw a few candidates get wasted! You’ll definitely see some images that may make you think back to some of your own classic nights. Drunk eating pizza? Check. Falling on the pavement? Better believe we have that. Chugging straight from the bottle? Well, how else do you get down! And what’s a list of drunk people without its fair share of public indecency? All that and more when you check out 25 celebrities who had way too much to drink!

12. Avril Lavigne
allnight and acidcow

We’ve all been there, Avril Lavigne… She’s had too much to drink, it’s the end of the night and the best thing in the entire world must be that slice of pizza she’s enjoying on the left. But you were married to Chad Kroeger, can we really trust your overall sense of judgement? The photo on the right proves a time-tested rule, if your friends need to help hold the liquor to your face it’s probably time to go home (…and enjoy pizza!)

11. Pamela Anderson

acidcow and pinterest1

Awwww yeah! Don’t you love it when creepy men with flame tattoos get all up on your neck at a party? It just makes me so hot that I also need to stick out my tongue! That’s how making out works, right? Pamela Anderson can also hold her head all she wants in the photo on the left, but she still won’t be able to comprehend how much she drank that night, or the hangover that was inevitably waiting for her the next day. As a fun bonus for Anderson, there was also a report back in 2012 that she got drunk at a restaurant in LA and started giving out lap dances after the LA Kings won a playoff game. Yikes!

10. Cameron Diaz

pinterest and ebg

One thing that will become clear with this list is that one of the biggest things to make sure you have handy when you go out drinking if you’re famous is someone to help hold you up. The photo on the left was taken back in 2012 and showed Cameron Diaz leaving a club at 3am, so maybe she was just really tired! It’s not clear when the photo on the right was taken, but any time you can capture a Hollywood celebrity with a drink in one hand and flipping the bird with the other, you know you’ve done your job as paparazzi.

9. Britney Spears

clothesonyou and buzzfeed

You just need to hope that if Britney Spears is going to be slamming back the liquor, people make sure there isn’t a razor anywhere near her! If there are two things evident from the above photos it’s 1) That Britney definitely loves to party (and tends to not wear a bra when doing it) and 2) Green is definitely her “party dress color.” Spears has had a public battle with alcohol addiction, including her tour team making sure that alcohol was banned backstage at her shows and that she would never receive it as a gift.

8. Mel C

youtube and dstar1

Why be Sporty Spice when you can be Drunk Spice instead? That was definitely the attitude that Mel C took when she attended Victoria Beckham‘s 40th birthday party. The woman on the left in the above photo is the equally drunk (and famous) Emma Bunton, whose partner Jade Jones is helping Mel C leave the club without taking a serious face plant.

7. Mel Gibson

barrel and wordpress

What are you doing in the above photos, Mel?! If it’s trying to prove to Hollywood that they’re tired of seeing your face on the movie set, then you’re most definitely succeeding. Or perhaps you’re just trying to forget why everyone doesn’t like you? As is evident by the photo on the right, it’s also clear that Gibson won’t take any of your sh-t if he’s out trying to have a nice time and you mess with him.

6. Paris Hilton


We are going to be completely up front with you, there may not be a person in Hollywood that gets drunk and photographed as often as Paris Hilton. God help you if you were anywhere near her in the photo on the left. Not only is Hilton hammered, but she has a mic in her hand. Why did she think she could have a singing career again? The photo on the right would suggest that she’s at least being a much quieter drunk, as she’s clearly being escorted out of the club by her security. Here’s a little tip, Hilton, if you start drinking and realize you’re losing your ability to walk, perhaps sip some water.

5. Christina Aguilera

celebitchy and clothesonyou

Christina Aguilera may have made quite a name for herself as a musician and her role on The Voice, but in the above two photos you can imagine she is only going to be looking for some Advil and the bathroom! Everyone gets drunk once in a while, Aguilera just has to be happy that her friends decided not to draw on her face when she passed out, as is the case on the left. The photo on the right was taken back in 2012 during a time in her life that one insider said consisted of her living off champagne and pasta. While there were no embarrassing photos, Aguilera also made the tabloid rounds this past December when she got hammered at Seth Macfarlane’s Christmas party and nearly fell into the tree!

4. Miley Cyrus

posh24 and oceanup

When it comes to trying to find photos of Miley Cyrus partying, it may be even easier than finding photos of her sober! The photo on the right was taken when Cyrus was out partying it up in London, so at least you know her party game is international. It isn’t clear when the photo on the left was taken, but when you finish drinks that are that large, it makes sense why you’re constantly photographed drunk!

3. Amanda Seyfried

whichdn and insidehollywood1124

The above photos may be from two different nights, but they clearly show that when Amanda Seyfriedhas had enough, her head gets powered down and sleep is not far away. Even if that also means she’s cuddling up with one of her gal pals! Seyfried also made headlines when she appeared on The David Letterman Show and admitted to Letterman that she was drunk. Seyfried also went on the record in saying that she had never done an afternoon live television show without first making sure she had some liquid courage. While she also joked to Letterman that she would never enter rehab, she has since admitted that she’s sought therapy for her issues.

2. Katie Price 

Via buzzfeedKatie Price may be a famous model, but when she goes out drinking she looks like she instantly just turns into that girl who wants too much attention and then passes out way too early. Like what are you even doing in the photo on the right? If you were a regular girl at the club people would think you’re trashy, the fact that you’re a famous celebrity definitely does NOT make it better. The photo on the left, clearly taken later that same night, shows the type of burden that a drunk friend can have on the group. Who knew they were going to get an upper body workout carrying her drunk ass around?

1. Helen Flanagan

afrizap and celebritydirtylaundry

In 2013, Helen Flanagan was literally voted as the most attractive British celebrity in the world according to FHM. But no matter how pretty you may be, there is only so much sex appeal that can ooze from you when you’re passed out in the back seat! The photo on the left was taken back in 2013 when Flanagan attended the Makihi nightclub. She commemorated the evening with a post saying, “Very embarrassed about last night somehow got so so drunk had to get carried to my room last night was completely out of it #ilooklikeanewborn.” She may also be smiling in the photo on the right, but perhaps that’s because she was just embarrassed that her night of drinking champagne had caught up with her! That being said, she also had some serious heels on that are not seen in the photo, so perhaps you won’t blame her for taking a tumble.


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