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12 Years Old Girl Dorothy Jean Tillman Bags Her Second College Degree

A 12-year-old pre-teen, identified as Dorothy Jean Tillman in a rare show of astonishing brilliance, has received her second degree from Excelsior College in Chicago and on her way to academic excellence.

Nicknamed Dorothy Genius by her mother, Jemelita Tillman, this very young student previously held an associates degree. She also plans to continue her pursuit of levelling up to a masters degree in environmental engineering, but first, she wants to take some time away from the classroom before she attains another diploma.

“With environmental engineering, it’s all about helping people, the environment, and that’s just what I love to do, that’s what makes me happy,” she said.

Her mother had noticed her daughter’s love for school when she began memorizing “double digits by four or three” and made an effort to nurture her love for learning. She also added that her child “is one of the greatest” things to come out of Chicago’s south side.

Dorothy reassured spectators that she was not all about books only and still manages to sketch in time for leisure activities. she said. “I still have friends and we go to the part and go to the movies.”


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