10 Tips To Keep The Spark In Your Bedroom

There’s a saying that goes, “Don’t stop doing what you did to get them once you have them.” follow these tips to keep things hot in the bedroom.

  1. Communicate. The first rule of creating a pleasure zone in the bedroom is to make sure your partner knows what your needs are, and vice versa. This is often the main cause of unhappiness in relationships and during sex. If something your partner does makes you feel uncomfortable, don’t be afraid to speak up. A happy, independent and secure you makes everything a lot more desirable.
  2. Explore together. Exploring is fun and, most importantly, it stays in the bedroom! Keep things exciting by reading kinky or informative books, or trying out toys (if you’re both comfortable to do so). The exciting thing about exploring with your partner is that if something doesn’t work for either of you, it’s okay. You play, you laugh about it and you learn – all in the name of love!
  3. Foreplay is your friend. Besides scoring some extra playtime, foreplay arouses other parts of your body (besides the obvious) to achieve maximum pleasure. Take your time with foreplay; it shouldn’t be rushed. Foreplay includes hugging, fondling, undressing, kissing, petting and more, and creates time and space for intimacy. Make great use of this time before engaging in penetrative sex.
  4. Look sexy. Dressing up for your partner should never go out of style. Bring on the Temptations, the Victoria Secrets, the La Senzas and the like. If it’s your thing, groom your lady bits and wait for the magic. While you’re at it, throw on a fragrance that you know puts your partner in the mood. Prepare to dazzle!
  5. Never stop dating. If you’re planning a romantic evening for Valentine’s Day, why not go all out and make a date of it – dress up, have a romantic dinner, slow dance, the works! Regardless of the occasion, never stop dating your partner.
  6. Do it like it’s the first time. Do you remember what it was like when you and your partner had sex for the first time? Did you have butterflies? Can you feel them now? Most probably! Reliving the moment may just bring back those butterflies.
  7. Play around with positions. Are you the leader or the follower? It’s time to break the mould! Swap positions – if you’re usually the one to initiate sex, suggest to follow your partner’s lead. And if your partner almost always leads the way, catch them by surprise and pounce on them! Use the element of surprise to your advantage.
  8. Don’t underestimate the power of kissing. Kissing tends to subside in relationships as we become more complacent or comfortable. For this reason, the level of intimacy involved in kissing is often underestimated. During a kiss, you’re bringing yourself into your partner’s personal space and pheromones, which are sexual attraction chemicals that boost desire.
  9. Sexting! Providing you’re extra, extra careful (and don’t text the wrong person), sexting can be a great prelude to great sex. If you don’t see each other during the day, send the occasional sexy picture to your partner. Disclaimer: the purpose of your sext is not to leave your lover in a sticky situation at work. Be merciful!
  10. Let the games begin! By now, you should be willing to give the missionary position a skip, right? Inform yourself about sex games and toys. Make this the best sex of your life, but keep it safe!t

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