The 13 computer tricks everyone should know

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A Reddit thread has revealed some of the best shortcuts and tips for both PC and Mac, but how many do you know?

1.   If you type cmd into the address bar of the file explorer it opens command prompt in that directory.

2.   Pressing F4 in Excel repeats the last command – for example if you highlighted a cell yellow, pressing F4 will repeat the command.

3.   You can screenshot select parts of a window by selecting the Snipping Tool from the Start bar.

4.   Always choose “Custom Install” and take your time going through the different messages that come up as you proceed through the installer, as a lot of software will install bulky toolbars onto your computer without you realising.

5. Bring up the console on Google Chrome by pressing F12. This can allow you to look at the images on a webpage or even temporarily edit it’s text.

6.   Your computer won’t turn on? Try turning it on and off again, seriously.

7.   ‘Windows key + a direction arrow’ moves the current window to that side of the street.

8.   ‘Windows Key + L’ will lock your computer

9.   Clicking a link with the middle mouse button opens the link in a new tab.

10.                     Press K allows you to pause a YouTube video, while J and L go forwards and backwards in 10 second increments.

11.                     ‘Control + Enter’ automatically fills in the ‘www’ and ‘.com’

12.                     ‘Control + Tab’ will go through you browser tabs one by one, going left to right, ‘Control + Shift + Tab’ goes the opposite direction.

13.                     Hold S and right click on an image in Google Chrome to search for the picture on Google.

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