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13 Ways You Can Make Money With Your Car

Sometimes, the cost of maintaining a car could drive one crazy. No wonder many believe that a car is a liability.
Well, you can actually transform your car from being a liability into an asset.
There are many things you can do daily to take your car from being a money-draining machine into a money-making machine. lists some ideas that can help you earn some extra money for yourself with your car:
Taking children to school and picking them up
You need to be a parent in order to really appreciate this service. Making 2 trips to your children’s school daily is such a chore. Most parents will gladly pay you so that they do not have to do these trips twice a day.
So, with your car, you can take children from multiple families to school. The fees could be per child or anyway you feel convenient. You can also charge them either weekly or monthly. Of course, you need to show proof of being responsible enough for parents to be able to trust you with their children.
Providing Ride-Share services
There are a growing number of ride-share companies out there. They include Uber, Taxify, Oga Taxi, etc. You can enlist your car and become one of their drivers. Using your car to provide ride-share services offers more flexibility and options than you might realize. You do not have to drive all the time. You can drive only when you find convenient. You can also do this together with your regular job. In addition, drivers enjoy several bonuses from the company.
Delivering Food
You can use your car to deliver groceries or other foodstuffs to people who are too busy to go to the market. You take their order, you go to the market, get their groceries and deliver it to them. Then you get paid.
Offer Driving Lessons
With your car, you could use it to offer driving lessons to learner drivers.
Rent Out Your Car
You could list your car as a rental car. This make a whole lot of sense especially if you have an extra car that you do not use often. Fees should be paid on how long it would be used or how far it would be driven. Of course, the car should be returned fully fueled. As a renter, it is very important that you verify and create a profile of your renters that would include proof of licence. Also, ensure that the car has tracking device installed. Especially the type that enables you to remotely demobilize the car.
Deliver Foodstuff For Restaurants Owners
Restaurants owners go to the market frequently to buy the requirements for their business. You could have an arrangement with some of them to convey them to and from the market.
Transport Other People’s Equipment
There are professionals who move around with the work equipment. For instance, TV production people. You can make them aware of the availability of your car to move them and their equipment around. But for a fee of course.
Wedding Chauffeur Service
You can advertise as a wedding chauffeur. If your car is decent-looking enough, it can be hired to transport intending couples on their wedding day.
Convey Workers To Work
You can have an arrangement to convey workers who reside at a particular location to their places of work. For instance, you could transport workers in you area who work at Victoria Island every morning to work. You can work out an arrangement for them to pay you weekly or monthly.
Do Paid Advertising
There are companies that pay people to wrap their cars with their adverts.
The longer your commute, the more you can be paid to wrap your car with their adverts. The more you drive, the more exposure the businesses get. So, they will be willing to pay a premium for those who cover lots of distance. Depending on your commute, location, and the campaign, you can earn a good sum with your car.
Start a Taxi Business
Indeed, you can earn income by starting a taxi business. And you have just what it requires: a car.
Lease To Company
You can lease your car to a company for use as one of their official cars. You can be paid monthly, or weekly or in any way you negotiate for.
Weekend Services To Families
There are families or individuals who do not own a car. Once a while, especially weekends, they often have a need to hire a car. Look out for such people and offer them weekend driving services.

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