15 Emotions Unmarried Girls Experience When Their Friends Get Married


A lot of you young girls out there, have been in this situation so many times. Your best friend is getting married and you have a flurry of thoughts running through your head. On the one hand, you are happy for your friend, yet on the other, you have very mixed feelings for your own self.
You are wondering, when will your special day come and are getting a little sad. Or, maybe you are happy about the fact that you will be single for a little while longer. Here’s a list of things that young single girls think, when their best friends suddenly start to get married, one after the other. Maybe you can identify with one of these as well. So read on to see, which of these emotions applies to you.

#1. We have grown up so quickly

Just when you thought that life had only started, after finishing your studies, your friends are already getting hitched. And you are standing there thinking, “Oh my God, have we grown up so quickly. I can’t believe my friends are already getting married!”

#2. That is a lot of responsibility

When you see your friend exchanging plesantries with all those chachas and mamas and massis, you begin to think about the load of responsibilities that will soon fall on your friend’s shoulders. You shudder to think, “Wow, I can’t believe she will have to keep all those people happy. And, come to think of it, I will be doing the same thing very soon. Phew!”

#3. She will always have a date now

The first thought of envy strikes you as well. You are mulling over the fact that she will never have a date problem. “Her husband will accompany her to all the parties, and here I am, with no one to go with!”

#4. Now we will never go out as a girl gang?

You are also tempted to think about how this spells the end of your time-tested friendship. Now that your friend has entered a new relationship, she will obviously not spend as much time with you, as she used to.

#5. I will feel out of place hanging out with my married friends

All your friends are finally hitched and they are obviously going to be meeting up as couples. And, you are panic-stricken thinking, “Why will they ever invite me to their parties now!”

#6. How will my wedding be?

When you look at all the lavish ceremonies and elaborate wedding planning, you want the exact same for your wedding too. And, you can hear yourself secretly wishing to your fairy godmother, “I wish I have such a fairy-tale wedding too.”

#7. How will I look in that bridal finery?

While your friend stands all decked up in her bridal splendour, you take-off to your own dreamland. You have fast-forwarded to your own wedding venue, and are pondering, “How will I look wearing all those choodas, kaliras, makeup and jewellery?”

#8. What will my prince charming be like?

Since you still haven’t found the man of your dreams, the one thought that hounds you, again and again, is how will your prince charming be when you finally find him. And, at your friend’s wedding, you are wishing that your knight in shinning armour too would come riding on his horse, soon.”

#9. Will my relatives stop pestering me?

When you see all your friend’s relatives lining–up for a photo-op, you suddenly realise, “If I were to get married too, all those relatives will finally stop annoying me.” Ah, what a sigh of relief you will breathe!

#10. Will I get such an adorable family?

When you see your best-pal’s mother-in-law showering all her love and attention on your friend, you can feel that little twinge of jealousy. And, you are left worrying if you will marry into such a loving and concerned family as well. “Ah, will my in-laws, ever be so understanding?”

#11. Will my husband shower me with gifts too?

You friend has told you ample stories of how her fiancé has been showering her with the choicest of gifts. You just can’t help wondering what lies in store for her now that she is finally getting married to that amazing guy? And, you are thinking, “Will my husband tend to all my demands too? Will he always be there when I’m feeling low?”

#12. Will I also boss over my husband?

So your friend has also been telling you about how her hubby-to-be listens to all her commands and even during the wedding you can see him pandering to all her wishes. And you are brooding about will you ever be able to boss over your husband!

#13. Am I being too picky?

When you look at the grooms of your best friends, you start questioning your choices. The first thought that strikes you is, are you becoming too fussy. “I have seen better-looking boys, why don’t I like them? Should I stop being so choosy?”

#14. My parents will get after my life

Now that your parents know that your friends are getting married in quick succession, they will start looking for a suitable boy for you even more frantically. You are thinking to yourself, “Should I even tell my parents about this wedding? I can’t handle any more of that marriage pressure.”

#15. Yipee, I’m still single

You are actually a little happy that you are still single and can have the time of your life. You can strike new friendships, go out for multiple dates and have a whale of a time and still enjoy life as a single. “Yipee!”
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If you find yourself thinking these very thoughts at you best friend’s wedding you have nothing to worry about. As they say, all matches are made in heaven and, yours too, has already been made. Just take a deep breath and wait for that one ‘Mr. Right’ to come into your world. Don’t rush into marriage, make the right decision. This is the one relationship that you have to commit for life!

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