15 Unknown Facts About Goodluck Ebele Jonathan

  • Jonathan was born to a family of canoe makers Jonathan was born in what is now Bayelsa State to a family of canoe makers.
  • His middle name means “God’s wish- if your name is Goodluck God’s wish, you’ve got some high hopes to live up to, right? Lol
  • He has a Ph.D in Zoology, and a master’s in hydrobiology and fisheries biology.
  • He worked as an environmental protection officer before taking office.
  • Jonathan seems to have a penchant for being in the right place at the right time- He assumed the presidency following President Umaru Yar’Adua’s death on May 5 2010, but that wasn’t the first time he had to lead. In 1999, he was deputy governor for his home state of Bayelsa when the governor was impeached on corruption charges. Jonathan moved into the open position, beginning his more illustrious political career.
  • His fedora is one of his more memorable signature features – The fedora has character, but a former U.S. ambassador made the unfortunate comment that Jonathan lacked charisma and possessed an “underwhelming personality,” a slip of the tongue uncovered in the WikiLeaks scandal.
  • As vice president, he kept a low profile but was instrumental in several key moments.
  • Jonathan tried to ban the Nigerian national soccer team after a poor showing at the 2010 World Cup.
  • Jonathan became the first sitting Nigerian president to have his own Facebook page.
  • His wife has been investigated on money laundering allegations.
  • His children are adopted – As known to the public for many years, Jonathan and his wife Patience have two children: a son named Ariweri Adolphus and a daughter named Aruabi. It is speculated that they were adopted from a motherless baby home, either in Lagos or Port Harcourt.
  • He has been said to have two biological children as well- Apparently, Goodluck’s “alliance” with a law student at Rivers State University led to the production of two biological children for Goodluck. This all took place allegedly before his entrance into the political realm, but during his marriage to First Lady Dame Patience. “Credible sources” abound on gossip blogs over the issue, but it’s pretty hard to find some solid fact. The photo below is a Thanksgiving ceremony in 2013, with what are said to be his biological children. Hearsay before proven fact?
    Jonathan and his two biological children
  • Not a big fan of the g*ys.
  • He was renamed the University of Lagos – During the Democracy Day broadcast of 2012, President Jonathan announced that he would change the name of University of Lagos to Moshood Abiola University, paying homage to the late Chief M.K.I. Abiola. The news was met with protest and outcry from the students and staff of the university, and a lawsuits were filed against the Federal Government. The decision was finally reverted, and the original title for the university will remain.
  • The missing funds – In March of 2014, Jonathan ordered forensic auditing into the disappearance of over $20 billion in funds by the Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation. Pressure was put on Jonathan to instigate the auditing by the finance minister, and there is speculation that he wouldn’t have pursued this matter without prodding. Questions also arise over Jonathan’s suspension of Nigeria’s central bank governor Lamido Sansui (pictured above) in February, as to whether or not the punishment happened because Sansui opened his mouth about the missing billions. Sansui claims that the money was re-directed into a 2015 campaign budget for Jonathan.
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