15 Of The Most Used Words Online In 2014!

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2014 was a year filled with tragedy and conflicts globally, yet the most used word in 2014 appears to be ♥ after a research conducted by The Global Language Monitor was concluded.

They revealed the most used word was the Emoji heart which is being used over 1 billion times a day. Hashtag ‘#’ came second thanks to its wide use on social media, Vape came third with Blue Moon, Nano, Photobomb to follow.

Last year 404 was the most used.

See the most used words for 2014 below

The Top Words of 2014

1. The Heart ♥ Emoji (for love) —  The Heart ♥ Emoji (for love) is the Top Word of 2014.  Eachemoji represents an emotion, expression, or state of mind, or a person, place or thing.

2. Hashtag  — The re-invented pound-sign becomes evermore powerful.

3. Vape  — Smoking an electronic or e-cigarette, shorthand for vaporize, or vaping.  Vapers are banned from indoor vaping in New York and other locales.

4. Blood Moon — Four total eclipses of the moon in eighteen-month span.  Some Christians see it as the presaging a “lunar apocalypse”.

5. Nano — From Greek for dwarf, small; now 1 billionth of a meter, and any number of words surrounding nano technology.

6. Photo Bomb — Breaking into a ‘pre-arranged” photograph without authorization resulting in often humorous outcomes.

7. Caliphate — Literally, a land ruled by an Islamic Caliph typically governed under Sharia Law.

8. (White) privilege — The alleged advantages of having lighter colored skin in a diverse society.

9. Bae — Term of endearment for one’s object of desire.

10. “Bash” Tag — Using a hashtag to undermine your frenemies.

11. Transparency —  That state of government openness that is apparently unachievable in the Western World.

12. Sustainable — The Jimmy Carter of words; keeps getting stronger since it was WOTY  in 2006.

13. Clickbait — A link  you just have to click on, though its more of a paid-for bait-and-switch.

14. Quindecennial  —  Fifteen year anniversary; 2014 is the quindecinnal of the 21st century.

15. Comet — Comet 67p has a visitor from the Rosetta Spacecraft.

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