2 of the Chibok Girls Who Escaped on the Night of Abduction Now College Students in the US

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An online publisher, Jackson Ude shared the pictures of two Chibok girls who were part of those kidnapped by the Boko Haram terrorist but escaped that same night they were absucted.

The girls, who jumped off the moving vehicle conveying them to the forest, were sent off to the US to continue their education without fear.

They  have now started college at Bronx Community, under a project called Education Must Continue Initiative.

At the 5th annual Global Education and Skills Forum held in Dubai, one of the girls shared her harrowing experience of her escape that night.

She said,

What happened that night was terrible. We were writing our final exams. They came to our school dressed in military uniforms, so we didn’t know they were the Boko Haram. They wanted us to get in the truck and told us they were going to protect us. But they started shooting. All of the teachers ran away.

I thought I was going to die. They came with a very long truck and loaded all of the food and the girls. Some of the girls couldn’t fit, so they made them walk and follow the truck. Before leaving, they burned down the school and all of our books.

As we moved deeper into a forest, some of the girls were jumping out of the truck. I turned to my friend and told her we should jump too. We jumped and disappeared into the forest, but my friend hurt her ankle and couldn’t walk.

We met a shepherd who helped us with his bicycle. And then a man in a motorcycle took us home.


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